Who is to be blamed?

USA and its allies today are infuriated as well as puzzled at the tantrum thrown at them by the muslim world. With their embassies burning and their officials getting killed, they now find themselves in some spot of bother. The muslim ummah has stood rock solid against the blasphemy of the beloved prophet pbuh. Muslims have taken their anger onto the streets and many have taken it onto the virtual world of social networking websites. Everyone isĀ  infuriated by the act of some stupid hell bound people that ventured to materialize and film such a diabolical idea.

“How can USA support them?”, “How dare can they do this?” Are the common queries that one confronts in the protests of real or virtual world. And yes the support that the filmmaker got is a matter of concern in the first place.

But all these protests and ruckus makes one to laugh at such a dilapidated muslim condition, everyone is concerned with the behavior that these non muslims are showing toward the beloved prophet pbuh but if only we introspect ourself, we are the larger criminals!

Allah and his prophet pbuh are little concerned at the courtesy shown by the non muslims what Allah wishes is the devotion and closeness of his muslim slave which the latter was entitled only during the holy month of ramadan!? How many masjids are filled to their fullest today? The answer is none! Yes, go to your nearest masjid and seek it for yourself. How many muslims are holding tightly to the sunnah of our beloved prophet pbuh?, how many of us busy ourselves in reading the quran same way as we used to do during the holy month?

These attacks on islam are just mirrors shown by the almighty to reflect how muslim we are?

And apart from this, the stature of the dust that was blown by the horse of some wali (ra) is far superior than what a human mind can malign it. When this is the stature of the dust blown from a wali, just imagine what the stature of wali himself would be like! No you can’t imagine it. Then how can one imagine about the stature of the sahaba (ra) and tell me how can anyone know the stature of our beloved prophet pbuh whose stature and magnificence is known by the Allah alone.

These anti-islam movies don’t hurt beloved prophet pbuh but our attitude towards his teachings do!