Urdu poetry

Kisi musalmaan ke dil ko baydaar kar sakoon ~
ya rab teri raah main jaan nisaar kar sakoon

Ya rab mujhe aap hi sambhalte rehna ~
Ki main woh yousuf (a.s) nahi jo zulaikha ko inkaar kar sakoon

Hai shaakh-e-naazuk apni shajar ki mukhaalif ~
Gumraah aulad ko farmaan bardaar kar sakoon

Hai musalmaan-e-kashmir dard main mubtala ~
Iski khizaan ko har dam ke liye bahaar kar sakoon

Is zamaane ke firoon (pharaoh) ko maar de ya rab ~
Main woh Musa (as) nahi jo cheer ke dariya paar kar sakoon

Hai alag tera kalaam sari mehfil main Gowhar ~
Ab aur kaise main kuch guftaar kar sakoon


Journeys end when lovers meet

It was a common sight in the lanes and by-lanes of kashmir where lovers could be found on their secret rendezvous, holding hands, looking at each other and er…Ahem…..let’s leave that to them!

This anecdote is about two such lovers who like many met on facebook, changed their relationship status from single to engaged to complicated to married and after a year or two to divorced.

It should be noted here that apart from carrying such errands in their dreams and on facebook, nothing was practiced in real. Thus in such pursuit we are having so many depressed individuals, sons of adam and daughters of eve in equal number *unless of course there was a love triangle*.

The magnitude of depression in our youth can be conjectured after having a good look at our FB TL *depressed souls everywhere*

Here I am about to narrate a similar breakup reason that is unique in its own way!

So there was this guy called Akram who while fishing in troubled waters (i mean facebook) caught a fish (metaphor) named Sakeena.

Both did what usual facebook couples do: messaging, chatting, exchanging numbers, calling late at night *yaaawns*, setting up rendezvous, dreaming about their married life, and most unbelievably planning the carriers of their children *What!!! When did this happen?*

So this continued for a year or so. One day Sakeena calls Akram and asks him for an urgent appointment at some famous restaurant *looking at present trends in kashmir, I hope to own one*.

Quickly Akram made his way for
the errand, out of all the things at local provisional store he bought a mouth freshener!!!!! *weak eman? Well you will find out*

After reaching the restaurant and asking his beloved what she wants to have?

She replied “A breakup!!!”

“But Why?” Asked Akram

She had leant from some “reliable source” that he is a chain-smoker *now you realize what that mouth freshener was for? By the way what had you thought about it being used for?*

This was unacceptable on the behalf of Akram (who had promised Sakeena that she was her first love). He could not stand by the fact that he was about to be dumped again!

He started crying , he wept like a small kid *but why? Was he in “true” love?*

At this point Sakeena felt sorry for her remark and promised the same love for Akram if he quits smoking.

Akram gazed back at her and said “I am not sorry for my actions, I am crying because PAKISTAN is out of WCT20 and I lost the bet *Face palm*…….

After regaining his composure he said with a faked smile “And what had you thought? just check this ( he shows his phone to her, with facebook TL on its screen) I have received 21 new messages since we have been here, you thought yourself to be extra smart? (laughs) you should have asked for my FB password before any meeting.” *True that*

After hearing such remarks Sakeena was infuriated and mocked Akram with a smirk about that “reliable source” who was now her new lover.