Anecdote-They Just Missed

She saw amid gloom and melancholy, her eyes lit up and she cried ” Thank you lord! they just missed”.

It was during the 90s that kashmir witnessed an era that none on the face of this earth would call upon his most diabolical enemy.

It happened on one of the gloomy winter days, in the initial phase of armed struggle when like always people were frisked by the “peacekeepers” with that glance of askance and the ones that were found to have forgotten their documents were either languished in jails —later on to be left only after paying hefty sums to the officer in charge or paraded with humility.

As soon as this national drill of kashmir commenced, the self claimed “peacekeepers of other side” performed one of their best act of tomfoolery by throwing a grenade toward the frisking officials. Soon after that the phrase “All hell went loose” regained consciousness after being dormant for 12 hours of so.
The peacekeepers in uniform started firing shots in a bid to find some cover and the peacekeepers in casuals seemed to have been holding a gun but not knowing- how to point it where they wanted to while firing!

Diwali is much more quite than the gunshots that resonated and much more faded than any NASA’s space image that might have been captured on that day.

Just then after the dust settled down and both parties left the scene, the men being frisked began to come out of their covers and started to run an important errand to save their lives.

One guy was still lying on the road, the locals thinking he might have been injured rushed towards him, only to witness that a bullet had gone through his head with an orifice right on his eyebrow.

A lady who had taken cover in some shop came running,appalled with the furore she saw, began to shower sweets on the corpse and then after a sigh of relief said “KHUDAYAS KUN CHU SHUKUR, AECH CHAS BACHAEMECH” (Thank God!! his eye is alright, it has just missed by a whisker)

The people didn’t knew whether to laugh or mourn as they were witnessing such a situation for the first time in their life……

None of the either peacekeepers left people to observe peace since then, only pieces of humans were only possessions to be left!