Raping the solutions!

Before you read this blog and label me misogynist, male-chauvinist etc. I want to clarify that I ain’t suffering from any such malady. I respect women and thats what made me write this blog.

Last year was possibly meant to be celebrated as the RAPE YEAR in INDIA. There were more rapes in india than the birth rates of many underdeveloped countries!

Such lust ridden were the culprits that they raped even their own daughters and sisters apart from raping less than 5 year old toddlers. And all this came into limelight only after a girl was raped and then tortured in Delhi. Such was her punishment for resisting an attempt on her chastity that she had to compensate it with her life.

People blamed everyone except themselves, all were guilty but only I was the angel among the lot. None was courageous enough to blame him/herself for all this. Men blamed women forwearing “attractive” clothes wereas women retaliated saying “attractive clothes aren’t invitation to rape!”.

I was really surprised that none! blamed foreign vested interest
as this phrase is the natural scapegoat/ excuse for every national problem.

What I found responsible was the so-called “western culture” or as they lovingly call it ” the modernization”.

Yes, it can only be under the hoax of modernization that you will rape a girl and still get away with your head intact on your shoulders!

What I suggest is that “women should behave as women”.

In urdu the word women comes from the root word meaning secrecy, covered, veiled
but my sisters are trying to prove history wrong only to suffer the worst consequences.

Many “muslim” girls are found wearing hijab with their faces painted! Roaming with their lovers as such, its like boozing in masjid with the aim of earning reward for time spent in masjid!

The most attractive famine part in whole of her body is her face! You don’t believe me? check poetry– what does the poet long for, just to have one glimpse of? check economics– cosmetics is the billion dollar industry!!

Men have a nature to get what they like, they are one who approach, they get it either by consent or by force whereas women have nature of shyness, reluctance which are also attributed as components of their beauty unless she is suffering from SUPER FEMALE SYNDROME
(exceptions are always there).

So only three things that can be done are:-

1. Be a God and change male nature.

2. Remain humans and change your outlook. When you will have nothing to offer, trust me no one will approach you.
unless you love to be approached as taught to you by the media.

3. Those who still dare shouldn’t be carrying the weight of their head ever after on their shoulders.

My apologies if my ideas have hurted anyone.


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