One of the most intriguing question that a ‘living being’ (only a human) confronts is the description of something called life. If we analyze the life of a human, he is born & then dies but the events that take place between his entry and exit into this world define him.

I want to ask, “Is it really a person who chooses life or is it the vice-versa?”. I mean look at yourself, how will you describe yourself being present here and reading this stuff written by me in past without you being destined to be here at this very moment?

There is someone who is guiding both of us. Me, who has spent time in composing this and you spending yours in reading this out of all the things you can possibly do at this time.

Many people I have confronted in my life have lamented on their lives. They often remonstrate as to why they were born in the first place?

Let me ask them what we recite after saying “Allah’u Akbar” in our prayers?

We say “Subhan’Allah” which means ‘ Allah is free from any impurity’. When we probe further, we find that it means that Allah cannot commit mistakes! So no matter how you look, talk, walk, feel etc, it is Allah who has created you. And verily He doesn’t create any second best!

You the person reading this are beautiful no matter how world sees you, you are the best because Allah created you.

Remember, that your life will last for some 60-70 years or may be even 100, and it is during this period that you formulate your afterlife.

Also my friend your afterlife has only got a beginning but no end.If you go to heaven [In Sha Allah], you will enjoy forever BUT if God forbid you went to hell, you will burn forever.

So tell me, “Would you prefer 100s of years in Hell just because you couldn’t convince yourself for a jiffy?”

The pleasures of world don’t last. People will praise you for your merits, achievements (our whatever they call them) but dear reader, those merits would be your ticket to Hell.

Ask Allah for his forgiveness, start a new life, a life for Allah, a life for yourself.

We often find ourselves  attentive in front of our superiors or some favored person; but what happens to us when we stand before our Allah?

We perform an exercise rather than a prayer.Why are we so reluctant? Your mind is replying to someone, your heart trying to add more meaning to that while amidst all this your tongue is uttering the same words that your lord spoke some 1400 years ago! Is this how a creation behaves with its creator?

Ever wonder, why you recall all that stuff that you never even dreamt of only in prayers?

Shaitan whispers all the unnecessary things in your ear while praying and it is ‘you’ who responds to his calls. His are advices your is the performance!

My friend you have a sister? How would you feel when somebody stares at her? What will you do if (God forbid) you find her with an unknown person at a restaurant or at some place?

Trust me, you will thrash them both. Then what about it when you yourself roam with a girl? Why this prejudice? Ain’t she somebody’s sister?

Allah knows who can make it to heaven with you and he has destined that person to be in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you approach or not. And if he knows that the presence of such person in your life will doom you, he won’t make you a couple though it may seem to you that such and such person will complete your life.

Indeed you are shortsighted but your lord knows everything. It’s only because he loves you and doesn’t want hell fire to touch your pretty face.

And don’t forget, the panache and the elegance with which you woo your opposite gender be that of your latest car, gadget or anything in latest fashion comes from the money of your parents. You don’t own anything. Given the fact, they take away whatever they have provided to you; the money, the comfort, the degrees of your qualification you will be left naked on street!

You owe everything to them then what happens to you when they get old? Why we being muslims need old-age homes? Have you become so impotent after marraige that you can’t take care of two people, to whom you were born?

A Sahaba(ra) of Prophet(saw) wasn’t able to say Shadah at his deathbed because he mistreated his mother.

My friend, he was a Sahaba(ra) and that too of the battle of Badr. If a Sahaba can suffer for behaving rudely with his mother than what will happen to us?

At times you may find it amusing to laugh at others, talking with women (unknown) and stuff like that but remember the Hadees “Excess laughing and talking to women makes your heart dead”(or as it was said)

And dear friend DEAD HEARTS DON’T LIVE!

To the reader: I may or may not know you but We will have a rendezvous in Jannah [In Sha Allah]. So see you there.

P.S: I am sorry if I have infuriated anyone with my thoughts but please check the title. I also hope that you will ignore my spelling and grammatical errors 🙂


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