Keep Calm And Read This

One of the most difficult things to do,
the most daunting task to accomplish is
to keep your cool whenever being
yelled at or when someone is throwing
a tantrum at you. The cause for this
anger being projected towards you can
be many. It can be some
underperformance, a mistake, a blunder
or a trivial error though people will
consider it nothing less a felony. So
apart from these crimes that you have
just committed, you can be yelled at for
no fault of your own. This happens
because of people who consider their
good selves to be humans but are a
disgrace for even the sub-humans.
Such people are always in pursuit to
hurt someone, anyone; this sadistic act
is often considered to be salubrious by
them. This aforementioned ‘someone’
needs to be a person of lower rank at
office, a less influential guy elsewhere
just to be on the safer side.

Normally you won’t find someone
yelling at their bosses or at some
influential person unless he/she has
already stumbled across a more
respectable job or has already made
acquaintance with someone of greater
influence than his target at present
resp. This hatred that is resting upon
their bosoms like a huge Himalayan
mountain is crushing them under its
load (opposing the every law Newton
gave regarding gravity).

Everyone at some point of their life
must have experienced this sort of
weight dragging them into some abyss,
a lump in their throat that they want to
tear asunder. The fools succeed in their
tomfoolery and go out all guns blazing.
They do whatever it takes to get
themselves rid of this misfortune that
has befallen them while in this process
they manage to put themselves in a
greater misery, a predicament they
never dreamt in the first place.

Hence in a pursuit of finding a remedy,
they make acquaintance with another

On the other hand the wiser lot, though
scarce in number try to avoid such
disposition. They reluctantly embrace
momentary embarrassment and secure
their future. They control their
hormonal changes and tongue-tie
themselves because if like their
numerous counterparts, they too
decided to open their mouths- things
could and mostly ‘do’ go out of the
control. It is always necessary to
address present (which is an outcome
of follies made in past) in the best way
to avoid future mishaps.

People don’t know what to do when
confronting such situations, they try to
get rid of it in any possible way, and
mostly after they reach an unwanted,
uncalled-for scenario; they realise that
wrong ways were tread. To find a
solution we just need to remove the
dust collected over a book that lies
somewhere in our closet.

Yes, Islam has the solution. It provides
a solution to this cancer that is eating
up our whole society. Here the reader
will ask that “how can an argument
between two people result in
malfunctioning of the society?” or “how
can this anger or rage hamper our
civilized world?” Here the reader must
note that most of these heated
arguments are held with our family, our
parents, our life partner, our kids, or
our friends. The ‘young guns’ of this
‘modern world’ mostly throw tantrum at
their parents, the soft targets rather the
softest! Anyone else will definitely
provide them a befitting reply except
their parents. Who even at such
instances don’t want to hurt their self-
respect (as if they have got any?). This
is because these same parents are
convicted of raising this parasite as he/
she wished. This situation is an
outcome of all the love and affection
that these parents had towards this
same child. And what do they want in
return? Just a smile on your face
whenever they address you or vice
versa but breeding parasites was never

When this modern generation doesn’t
find anyone to yell at, they are always
thankful for the blessing of having their
mother at home. After these kids get
married, this anger is channelized
towards their wife and parents or
husband and in-laws; helping many
divorce lawyers earn their livelihood.
The children born out of such
marriages lament at their fates for rest
of their lives. Satan- 1 Muslims- 0.

A sahaba (ra) in his entire lifetime had
never had a single fight with his wife.
When the people asked him about his
reasons for success, he replied “On the
very first night of our marriage, I
advised my wife never to argue with me
when I am angry because of her and
promised never to argue whenever she
is angry because of me” .This simple
rule helped a sahaba (ra) to make his
marriage a big success.

Allah mentions in Quran regarding our
conduct with our parents in Surah ISRA,
verse 23 as “And your Lord has decreed that you
not worship except Him, and to
parents, good treatment. Whether
one or both of them reach old age
[while] with you, say not to them
[so much as], “uff,” and do not
repel them but speak to them a
noble word. ”. Further there is a
hadees of beloved prophet that says
“whenever you raise your voice higher
than either of your parents in an
argument, all of your previous good
deeds are nullified. Then just think
what will be the fate of those who not
only engage in heated arguments with
their parents but also get involved in
physical violence. How can they kneel
before Allah in masjids, hoping to
please Him when their parents are
battered and bruised at home? How do
they expect to find themselves in
Jannah while Jahanum is longing for
their arrival?

The reader must be confused as to why
and where has this article landed? We
were searching for a remedy. No?

Let me assure the reader that a remedy
is there Alhamdulillah, prescribed
some 1400 years ago. It just needs a
proper pretext to be used or that the
reader should be properly vexed, so
that he/she can use it by the end of this
article ;P

The prophet pbuh mentions to us that
whenever you get annoyed, angry and
feel some sort of thing clinging to/
wrapped over your heart, ask Allah his
refuge from Shaitan and this feeling
will go away. Also that if you get angry
while standing then sit, if while sitting
then lay down and remember Allah.

It is worth noting that humans never
actually care about good things they
just don’t want failures, mishaps and
dark ends. That is why in Quran more
emphasis and description of hell is
given than that of heaven. Human mind
works in a strange way. For e.g. a
child will never understand the true
value of education if he is always
surrounded by successful people, he
will know its true value when he will
come across an unsuccessful person.

It is never about the joy of succeeding,
it is always the happiness of not
failing. Humans always comprehend
the things better when their negative
aspect is shown. So next time you
think about yelling at your parents,
remember Hell fire is waiting.

This was regarding our conduct at
home. And now if we venture to find
correct behaviour in market places,
one hadees will suffice all.

Beloved prophet pbuh said “I promise
him a house in Jannah who despite
being right didn’t quarrel!

P.S whenever you are angry next time
try to make yourself busy with some
other activities, like writing an article
as I am ;P. By the way this article DID
check my patience as my laptop
battery died unexpectedly when I was
halfway through this article and the
system crashed and I recalled the
childhood computer lesson ‘difference
between RAM and ROM’.