Islamic anecdotes

Zubaida khatoon the wife of Haroon Rasheed came to know about a problem Muslims faced during the Hajj pilgrimage. It was that they were forced to take a longer route instead of the regular one as the latter didn’t have any water source where they could quench their thirst and use water for other purposes. So she being the wife of the King called upon the ministry and asked them to construct a water channel along the pilgrimage route across the whole desert.

The ministry began the job and after few years told her that they have accomplished the feat and that the channel was now in use. The cost of construction was a huge sum and she decided to pay that from her own sources instead of the government funding so that Allah might forgive her and accept it.

After her death, she visited her maid in the dream.

Maid: What happened to you?

She: After my death, I was brought before Allah and he asked the Angels for my good deeds. I was sure that Allah will be very happy as I had built a water channel for the pilgrims and that I will be rewarded greatly.

Maid: And then?

She: When Angels brought that deed before Allah, he said “what’s great about it? She was a Queen and I had given her lot of wealth, anyone with that amount of wealth would have done the same.”

Maid: (Anxiously) What then?

She: I was worried and knew that nothing will suffice now, I was going to Hell!

Maid: And?

She: But Allah surprisingly asked the Angels to take me to heaven. Angels  asked “How can she be taken to Heaven, when the best of her deed got nullified?” Allah replied “Once she was having a meal and the Moazin called for prayers. She was about to have a morsel that time but she found that some of her hair was visible, so she dropped the morsel and adjusted her veil. I hereby grant her jannah for the respect she showed for my name that time. She could have finished the morsel and then adjusted her veil but she found that very little delay contemptuous!”


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