Future Furore

“Trust me, I’m an engineer.” This is the most catchy line that every Tom, Dick and Harry pursuing engineering uses as often as he/she uses the pronouns and adjectives in his daily life. Believe me, DON’T TRUST THEM!

Thousands of students from this valley alone appear in engineering entrance examination. Presuming to have a ‘sarkari naukari’ waiting for them since they were born. Why a govt. job? Less accountability, less workload but very high income mostly comprising of ‘Mithayi poonse’. These hopeful individuals mostly comprise of the people from CIVIL stream which for some stand for Corruption Is Very Important (in) Life. They construct the roads that never survive the winters, the bridges that are as difficult to walk on as ‘Pul-e-sirat’, the drains that never flow, the buildings that put leaning tower of Pisa to shame.

Some others make engines that never run, machines that are only used as showpieces. Many others make electrical circuits that lead to inferno. Others in a bid to make a prolific computer programme end up making a computer virus.

These are the future technocrats that are supposed to engineer our future.

Why does it happen?

It happens because my very able friend who sees B.Tech as the last step of the educational stair fails to see the door of opportunities that this very stair leads to. He is reluctant to read even the newspaper after the completion of his course. Henceforth the vast ocean of knowledge and opportunity remains veiled from him/her for eternity. He wants his/her college to get a great package for him/her and that’s it, that’s the reason why Adam was created, why sun rises from the east, why night follows the day and day follows the night. He is deliberately innocent of the paths of success that are on his very doorstep.

Ask them to study further and contribute to nation and they say “We don’t want to teach!” Teaching, the greatest profession in the world is despised by these imbeciles. They don’t know that many countries opt for a unique model of curriculum where the bright students are encouraged and assisted to study further, to go for the research purpose. These countries take most out of the gifted students and thus leave their mark In the human history. Imagine Einstein or Newton or any other great scientist whining for not being selected in entrance examination and then cursing the very existence of his life!

Do people look down upon someone who doesn’t qualify an entrance exam?

The answer unfortunately is YES!

So what are you doing? B.Sc? Hmm future contractual teacher. And what about you? BBA? Hmm future clerk.

These people who think that everything else apart from being a doctor or engineer isĀ  child’s play are the very same people who failed to pass their matric even in ’92.

Don’t even bother to hear what they say. Don’t pay any heed. Most of the people that don’t do what they like end up in a predicament they never dreamt of.

Dear reader, whatever you do make sure you contribute towards the society. You can contribute in any way possible.

So what if you didn’t achieve your dream? Did you want to be such gluttonous doctor and engineer, one of whom prescribe fake drugs, unnecessary tests and other constructing buildings that are fragile than the sandcastles?

As Allama Iqbal ra said “Sitaroon se aage jahaan aur bhi hain ~ Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain

You owe this nation a contribution. Discover other fields. Stop at nothing, be an entrepreneur or a writer or a poet or a novelist or a columnist be anything you want but never forget to be A DREAMER.

because Those who don’t dream, don’t live.


Uniformed casuals

Recently my college issued a diktat regarding the dress code in our college. The future stakeholders of this nation have been asked to wear a uniform. This uniform diktat is supposed to be issued by AICTE, a national governing body of educational institutions. The college authorities further in the support of this ‘divine commandment’ say that it will ensure a formal approach from the students towards the studies.

Let’s probe into the hallucinations that authorities have been suffering from. Firstly, when they say that it is a necessary regulation and must be implemented accordingly as per AICTE orders, they forget the basic natural regulation i.e ‘The Timeframe’ of a particular action. When God decided to create this earth, he did it in 7 days straight, he didn’t take 7.1 or 8 days (for the sake of the argument) BUT only seven days. When you’re born an angel marks the day of your death, and it is made sure that you don’t live a jiffy more than that. Why? Because procrastination always lead to chaos and chaos is never welcomed by anyone.

Now the question arises about the procrastination by our college and the university that affiliates them. It has been a common notion since the time of ‘Adam’ that engineering course is for 4 years straight but the university and college people might have been busy attending some cultural festival while this holy commandment was being revealed. Our college might well be the only engineering college in the entire Milky way that has 5 batches undergoing a course held only for 4 years. Divine miracle indeed! The senior most batch has still a semester to undergo while their counterparts studying elsewhere have already joined their Masters course or have transformed into earning hands for their families while our seniors are still busy taking ‘Intros’.

Now some people might well argue that what can the college authorities do in this regard? That they are helpless indeed before the Mighty University!

Giving such an argument is analogous to saying that the Army protecting a nation are impotent while dealing with incursions because they fight with ‘Taase Bandook’ instead of regular arsenal.

Now deciphering such events even a simpleton like me can conclude that, it would be much much better if the regulation regarding the time-period of a course completion is implemented and strictly adhered to first and all the attention and force be implemented for that very cause instead of trying to please the eyes at the uniform outlooks of impoverished souls who are uncertain of their course completion period.

Secondly, it is much better to create a prolific atmosphere for the commotion of students. While some colleges issue a particular seat no. to a particular individual, our college generates the team spirit and social inclination by making students to say a divine chant known to college students only ‘Tala adjust kar’. These three divine words make you so grounded to earth that sometimes you find yourself actually sitting on the bus aisle. Inspirational indeed! Will surely put many spiritual gurus to shame. Or sometimes you find your throne to be the bonnet. Game of thrones it is. How well do you understand the basic thermodynamic concepts of heat transfer! Not a single minute of our time is wasted!

Now with a uniform outlook in buses, it will appear to be some uncanny sight of spiritual brotherhood and engineering where students ingeniously create a space for more students than there actually is. Once a confused yet amusing sight was witnessed where Mr. X was hopefully pinching the leg of Mr. Y which turned out to be the limb of Mr. Z who slapped Mr. Y for such mischief. All in all the very purpose of Mr. X to beleaguer Mr. Y was achieved though not in a way he initially planned. Again it teaches us to do a similar task in a different way thus make students innovative. Management par excellence!

Lastly, it is mandatory for even primary schools to have a sports dept. but in my college that dept. has found to be nowhere. Trust me I’ve searched every fissure and scissure but couldn’t find the dept. I’ve turned every pebble and searched beneath but couldn’t locate a genuine playground. Maybe they have found Mr. Potter’s invisible cloak to veil it from the outside world.

Still donning a uniform and having a formal outlook is much welcomed than wearing those ‘Thermocot’ lookalike pants looking at which makes you apprehend that the person who dons them has forgot to wear his cover pants. Hope the college authorities stick to their plan this time around and hope it is much more than their regular ‘Soda-water Josh’ that fades away next time the sun rises from the east.

P.S Our motherland has witnessed much bloodshed at the hands of ‘uniformed’ men than at the hands of non-uniformed men. If only uniform could make anyone better! If only!

P.P.S Have to conclude the article here as I have got a uniform to fetch!

Islamic anecdotes

During the muslim rule in India, many of the greatest muslim saints came to be known. Not just the saints were great but the rulers were great as well. The Aurangzeb, who never said the word ‘Muhammad’ without being in the state of ‘Wudhu’, his forefather Babur who despite being the king led a very simple life and many other such rulers. Then there were the great saints like Sarmad and others. One such saint was named Qutub-u-din ‘kaaki’ ra.

‘Kaaki’ means bread. And there is an interesting story as how he was conferred this title but that we will do some other day.

At his funeral everyone was thinking about, who will lead his funeral. There was a gathering of tens and thousands who were attending his ‘Nimaz-e-Jinazah’.

Soon a young man came to the front and said that the deceased has entrusted him with a will. The people asked him about the will. He replied, that the will is about, as to who will lead the deceased’s last prayer.

With these words, he continued, “Following are the four qualities that the man leading my ‘jinazah’ should possess.

1. He should have never missed the Taqbir for any Nimaz in his entire life.

2. Right from the day he started praying, he should never have missed any Tahjud prayer in his entire lifetime.

3. He should have never laid eyes upon any ‘Gair-Mahram’ in his entire life.

4. He should have never missed the 4 rakat sunnah before Asr prayers in his entire life.”

With the completion of the will, there was a pin-drop silence in the entire gathering. The young man with a heavy heart said “Is there anyone who fulfil these conditions?”

He continued, “Anyone?”

Just then a man came forward and went straight to the deceased and said “Sheikh you veiled yourself from this world but not before unveiling me.”

He finished the Nimaz-e-Jinazah of Qutub-u-Din ‘Kaaki’ ra. Soon people flocked around him to see, who he was.

He was ‘Altamas’, the king of that time!