Islamic anecdotes

During the muslim rule in India, many of the greatest muslim saints came to be known. Not just the saints were great but the rulers were great as well. The Aurangzeb, who never said the word ‘Muhammad’ without being in the state of ‘Wudhu’, his forefather Babur who despite being the king led a very simple life and many other such rulers. Then there were the great saints like Sarmad and others. One such saint was named Qutub-u-din ‘kaaki’ ra.

‘Kaaki’ means bread. And there is an interesting story as how he was conferred this title but that we will do some other day.

At his funeral everyone was thinking about, who will lead his funeral. There was a gathering of tens and thousands who were attending his ‘Nimaz-e-Jinazah’.

Soon a young man came to the front and said that the deceased has entrusted him with a will. The people asked him about the will. He replied, that the will is about, as to who will lead the deceased’s last prayer.

With these words, he continued, “Following are the four qualities that the man leading my ‘jinazah’ should possess.

1. He should have never missed the Taqbir for any Nimaz in his entire life.

2. Right from the day he started praying, he should never have missed any Tahjud prayer in his entire lifetime.

3. He should have never laid eyes upon any ‘Gair-Mahram’ in his entire life.

4. He should have never missed the 4 rakat sunnah before Asr prayers in his entire life.”

With the completion of the will, there was a pin-drop silence in the entire gathering. The young man with a heavy heart said “Is there anyone who fulfil these conditions?”

He continued, “Anyone?”

Just then a man came forward and went straight to the deceased and said “Sheikh you veiled yourself from this world but not before unveiling me.”

He finished the Nimaz-e-Jinazah of Qutub-u-Din ‘Kaaki’ ra. Soon people flocked around him to see, who he was.

He was ‘Altamas’, the king of that time!


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