Future Furore

“Trust me, I’m an engineer.” This is the most catchy line that every Tom, Dick and Harry pursuing engineering uses as often as he/she uses the pronouns and adjectives in his daily life. Believe me, DON’T TRUST THEM!

Thousands of students from this valley alone appear in engineering entrance examination. Presuming to have a ‘sarkari naukari’ waiting for them since they were born. Why a govt. job? Less accountability, less workload but very high income mostly comprising of ‘Mithayi poonse’. These hopeful individuals mostly comprise of the people from CIVIL stream which for some stand for Corruption Is Very Important (in) Life. They construct the roads that never survive the winters, the bridges that are as difficult to walk on as ‘Pul-e-sirat’, the drains that never flow, the buildings that put leaning tower of Pisa to shame.

Some others make engines that never run, machines that are only used as showpieces. Many others make electrical circuits that lead to inferno. Others in a bid to make a prolific computer programme end up making a computer virus.

These are the future technocrats that are supposed to engineer our future.

Why does it happen?

It happens because my very able friend who sees B.Tech as the last step of the educational stair fails to see the door of opportunities that this very stair leads to. He is reluctant to read even the newspaper after the completion of his course. Henceforth the vast ocean of knowledge and opportunity remains veiled from him/her for eternity. He wants his/her college to get a great package for him/her and that’s it, that’s the reason why Adam was created, why sun rises from the east, why night follows the day and day follows the night. He is deliberately innocent of the paths of success that are on his very doorstep.

Ask them to study further and contribute to nation and they say “We don’t want to teach!” Teaching, the greatest profession in the world is despised by these imbeciles. They don’t know that many countries opt for a unique model of curriculum where the bright students are encouraged and assisted to study further, to go for the research purpose. These countries take most out of the gifted students and thus leave their mark In the human history. Imagine Einstein or Newton or any other great scientist whining for not being selected in entrance examination and then cursing the very existence of his life!

Do people look down upon someone who doesn’t qualify an entrance exam?

The answer unfortunately is YES!

So what are you doing? B.Sc? Hmm future contractual teacher. And what about you? BBA? Hmm future clerk.

These people who think that everything else apart from being a doctor or engineer is  child’s play are the very same people who failed to pass their matric even in ’92.

Don’t even bother to hear what they say. Don’t pay any heed. Most of the people that don’t do what they like end up in a predicament they never dreamt of.

Dear reader, whatever you do make sure you contribute towards the society. You can contribute in any way possible.

So what if you didn’t achieve your dream? Did you want to be such gluttonous doctor and engineer, one of whom prescribe fake drugs, unnecessary tests and other constructing buildings that are fragile than the sandcastles?

As Allama Iqbal ra said “Sitaroon se aage jahaan aur bhi hain ~ Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain

You owe this nation a contribution. Discover other fields. Stop at nothing, be an entrepreneur or a writer or a poet or a novelist or a columnist be anything you want but never forget to be A DREAMER.

because Those who don’t dream, don’t live.


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