Islamic Anecdotes

‘What is meant to befall you cannot miss you and what is meant to miss you cannot befall you’

During the khilafah of Hazrat Noor-u-din Zangi (ra) a perfect illustration of the above quote took place.

Once Hazrat Noor-u-din zangi (ra) lost his way in a jungle while on an errand. He was in search of a shelter and finally found a lonely hut amidst the forest. He went near the hut and asked for permission to enter. An old lady confronted him there. He asked permission to stay for a night, the woman allowed him to stay as their guest. Soon he learnt that the old lady’s only daughter, a widow was going to deliver a child that very night. During the night Hazrat Noor-u-din Zangi (ra) was praying and immediately after the baby was born he saw an apparition outside. He followed it and asked it some questions. He was told by the apparition that this child born tonight was going to be killed at his wedding by a beast. Hazrat Nur-u-din Zangi (ra) wanted to return the gesture of the poor family’s hospitality by saving the life of their only heir. So before he left in the morning, he told the old lady who he was and insisted to be invited to the wedding of this child any how.

Years passed by and finally that fateful day was near. The child now potter was going to be married. The old lady went to Nur-u-din Zangi ra and told him about the wedding, he soon recollected the past and took cognizance of the situation. He went to the wedding with his swordsmen and directed them to kill any beast they see.

Meanwhile the bride and groom were married and were now talking to each other. The bride asked the groom to make something for her, the groom replied that pottery needed many materials, tools, conditions etc. The bride broke her bangle and asked the groom to at least draw something for her on the ground. The groom drew a beast and Allah breathed life into it. The beast sunk its teeth in the groom’s throat. Hazrat Nur-u-din Zangi ra swung his sword but not before Allah’s command was fulfilled!


Islamic Anecdotes

‘Never underestimate your Mother’s dua’

Once hazrat Musa (as) asked Allah, “Who is my companion in Jannah?”. Allah replied, “It’s so and so butcher”. Hazrat Musa (as) was intrigued as well as puzzled to know such detail, so he went out to check about this butcher. On his way he was thinking about the deeds of this butcher who was going to be the companion of the most favoured prophet pbuh of Allah. He pictured the butcher to be in a state of prayer for most of the latter’s time.

When Hazrat Musa (as) reached the city of this butcher, he asked people about him and went to observe him. Hazrat Musa (as) watched him for the whole day but failed to notice any special deed done by him. When the butcher was finished he saved some meat for himself and walked back towards his home. Hazrat Musa (as) confronted him on his way and asked for his permission to provide former a shelter for the night. The butcher not having met Hazrat Musa (as) before took him for any traveller and welcomed him as his guest.

The butcher had a blind, ailing mother at home, so when he got home he went to prepare dinner for himself and his mother. After preparing it, he served it to his mother first, feeding her himself. For each morsel he fed his mother she used to say, “May Allah make you as Musa’s (as) companion in Jannah”. Hazrat Musa (as) after witnessing such love asked the butcher about this dua. The butcher replied, “My mother is senile and doesn’t know what she say’s, look at her stupidity, she expects me to be companion of Musa (as) in jannah!” Musa (as) replied, “Allah never likes to reject a mother’s dua for her children. I’m Musa (as) and indeed you’re my companion in Jannah!”

Islamic anecdotes

Once there was a person who was somehow tricked by Shaitan and was now in his grasp. The man pleaded Shaitan to let him go and finally Shaitan agreed to do so only if he (man) accepts to do any one of the following sins:

1. Get drunk.
2. Beat up his parents.
3. Kill his neighbour.

The man was a very pious person so he knew the ramifications of these sins. Regarding beating his parents, he reminded himself of the hadith where prophet pbuh says that if anyone among you raises his voice against his parents all of the good deeds that he has performed well get nullified!

Regarding killing his neighbour, he reminded himself about another hadith of the prophet pbuh where prophet pbuh after getting so many revelations concerning a neighbour, apprehended that Allah may allow neighbour to be the heir as well!

Among all of the three he found getting drunk to be least sinful as compared to rest.

So he told Shaitan that he was getting drunk. On the decided day he drank wine and became intoxicated. Since he was pious from his childhood, his parents couldn’t bear watching him in such miserable condition. They scolded him, threw tantrum at him. He got irked so much that he started to argue with them. A person who never spoke in front of his parents was now cursing and abusing them! This made the parents more livid and they slapped him. He slapped them back and started beating them under the influence of alcohol.

Hearing the screams and cries, his neighbour came to his house for help. The neighbour too was astonished to see him behaving as such. The neighbour pushed him back while he was now kicking his parents. He asked the neighbour to leave but latter refused to leave him in such condition. He was further annoyed and at last he picked up his axe and crashed it into the skull of his neighbour.

Seeing the blood he panicked and became unconscious. When he woke up, he realised that Shaitan had tricked him to perform all three sins that he(Shaitan) had asked him to choose from.

FOOTNOTE: Sometimes you think of a sin as small and negotiable but its repercussions are large. You choose to look at some problen with your trivial knowledge and in pursuit of finding a solution, you create an abyss of problems.