Once upon a time a muslim guy went to neighbouring town for some errand. After finishing his business early than he expected he decided to go for hunting as the forest happened to fall on his way back. He purchased a bow and some arrows from the market and went ahead on his venture.

He saw a beautiful bird sitting on a tree, he wanted to have that bird as his souvenir. He aimed at the bird, shot an arrow hoping to strike the bird but Allah wished otherwise. The arrow missed its target and hit a traveller instead who was going to the town this hunter was coming from. The traveller died on spot!

This youngman was perplexed and didn’t know what to do. He never meant to kill that guy. He noticed that he was alone in the forest but he didn’t escape. He took the deceased back to the town as the deceased was going there and shouted if anybody knew him.

Some person identified the deceased as a Christian living there. His family was called by the local court and since Shariah was imposed there, the Qazi asked the family of deceased, if they wanted the blood-money or wanted the killer to be dead.

The family asked for some time to decide and as it happened to be, the town once known for Christianity had almost reverted to Islam as a whole, the Christians now had the chance to have a shot at Muslims.

They wanted to see the killer dead, despite knowing the fact that it was unintentional killing, purely accidental. So the jury decided to execute the killer on the friday, tomorrow, after Namaz!

The guy (killer) was a pious person, he wanted to settle some debts before dying, inform his family and so. He was up all night thinking that his family, his children, his wife would think that he forsook them. Next morning after Fajr, he asked the jailer for a favour, he wanted to run back to his town, inform his family, settle debts and then come back to be executed. He promised the jailer to be back before Namaz.

During that time, even non-Muslims valued and respected the promise made by a Muslim, luckily, the jailer was a Muslim himself. So he decided to let him go.

Allah wanted to show the Ummah of future ‘What sort of muslims the time has seen’ so that the future generations might take a lesson from it.

As it happened the killer failed to make it before Zuhur. After the Namaz, jury called for him and the jailer told them the story.

The jailer was found to be negligent of his duty and it was decided that the jailer would be executed instead of the killer as the former had helped in latter’s escape.

The crowd had gathered to witness the execution and the jailer was brought forward, soon someone saw somebody come running towards them. It was the same killer! He was drenched in sweat, he went ahead and asked for an apology from the jailer, he was sorry for being late, said, his little son was difficult to persuade but Alhamdulillah he and his wife somehow managed it. Tears rolled down from the eyes of the Christian family, they asked the jury to release him, they wanted to accept the faith where a person returns back to be executed, leaving his family behind; willing to make his son an orphan, his wife a widow just because of a Promise!

Farishtoon ko dikhana tha ~ Bashar aisey bhi hotey hain!”


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