Lovers for Allah

Once there was a guy who was considered to be ugly by the natives of the place he was residing at. He had not so pleasing physical appearance  and wasn’t liked by masses. But he was a great reciter of Quran rather greatest in his land. It happened so that he reached the age of marriage but no girl was willing to marry him because of his appearance. He always reminded himself of the Quranic verse where Allah mentions to have created everything in pairs so Quran used to put his heart at rest whenever it came about marriage.

Once he was reciting Quran at his home, reading the same aforementioned verse and a messenger came to his house. The messenger came with a marriage proposal for him! Adding to shock, the proposal was from the most beautiful girl of the town. Initially, he thought this was some joke but after getting confirmation, he agreed with great mirth. The girl had heard him reciting the Quran and despite of his appearance wanted to marry him.

They got married and lived happily. Once his wife was combing her hair and he entered the room, he smiled looking at her beauty and said ‘Alhamdulillah,’ She smiled back at him and said ‘Alhamdulillah, both of us are Jannati!’

He was surprised and asked her for the reason to say such.

She replied, “Whenever you see me, you’re reminded of the blessing of your lord of having a beautiful wife and are thus Thankful to your Lord whereas whenever I look at you I’m being patient and remind myself of the reason marrying you. And Allah rewards those who are thankful and those who are patient with Jannah!


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