What is Lailahaillallah?

Nobody in the world except Firaon called himself God. Kings, Nobles all around the world used to make people bow before them but they never called themselves Creator or sustainer of this world.

He didn’t just call himself a God rather He used to say, “I’m the most magnificent God” He was married to Hazrat Asiya (a.s) who embraced Islam by watching her Maid getting punished at the hands of Firaon.

One day, the maid was combing hair of Firaon’s daughter, suddenly the comb fell out of her hand and she said, ” Bismillah,” Firaon’s daughter was surprised to see her say what Musa (a.s) had been preaching. She asked her if she considered anyone else except her father as to be God? The maid replied, “I consider one true God to be mine, the God of Musa (a.s), Haroon (a.s) & Firaon.” Firaon’s daughter was very angry and complained to her father.

She was brought in front of Firaon who asked her about her God, she proclaimed the oneness of true God that she had earlier proclaimed before his daughter. Firaon was infuriated, he commanded to bring the maid’s children before him, and asked his men to light a fire and boil water. The Maid had 2 children both of them being girls, one was a toddler another being an infant. Water was boiled and Firaon again asked her, “Who is your God?” She replied the same. He then commanded the elder daughter to be held over the boiling water and asked her again, “Who is your God” She replied the same! He commanded to drop the child in the boiling water. Then he asked his men to hold the infant over the boiling water, and again asked her the same question, “Who is your God?” She again replied the same. The infant too was killed in the same way. She could have saved both of her children by just saying what Firaon wanted to hear although she wouldn’t actually mean it but Allah wanted to show this Ummah what ‘Laillahailalllah’ means. The maid requested Firaon to bury her bones after she too would be boiled along with her daughters, Firaon granted her this request.

The killings had happened in front of Hazrat Asiya (a.s), she too was a woman and knew that it should be something special to proclaim so much so that a mother gladly sacrificed her daughters just for one sentence! Hazrat Asiya (a.s) proclaimed ‘Lailahaillallah’ in front of the whole gathering, Firaon was flustered.

She was the most beloved wife of Firaon and he tried to make her understand, she didn’t, tried to threaten her, she didn’t, he imprisoned her, kept her hungry but she didn’t break, further he ordered to flog her, she didn’t break. After facing defeat at the hands of his own wife, Firaon decided to crucify her. While her hands were nailed to the cross, he requested her to revert, she didn’t, then while her feet were nailed, he again pleaded her to revert, she didn’t.

Further, Firaon asked his men to flay her, while being at the cross, Hazrat Asiya (a.s) made a dua, she said, “O Allah I’m a woman after all, I endured this pain just to please you, now I cannot bear it anymore, forgive me, grant me your company, grant me Jannah, and get me rid of Firoan” Allah was so pleased by her dua that the gates of heaven were opened before her, she was able to see Jannah with her eyes, she was euphoric and began to laugh. Firaon thought, “She had gone mad because of the pain” but who can remain in their senses after seeing Jannah?

Allah was so much impressed by Hazrat Asiya (a.s) that he inscribed her example in the Quran!

Further, Allah made her wife of his beloved, Muhammad Rasool of Allah (s.a)

At the time when our Prophet pbuh was on ‘Mairaj’ he smelled a fragrance and asked Jibrail (a.s) about it. Jibrail (a.s) replied, “This fragrance is from the place where Firaon’s maid and her daughters are buried!”

Farishtoon ko dikhana tha ~
Bashar aisey bhi hotey hain


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