Once Hazrat Musa a.s was preaching in some city. He passed through the city center where a beggar asked him if he could speak to Allah on his behalf?. To which Hazrat Musa a.s replied, “Yes,”

The beggar then wanted Hazrat Musa a.s to ask Allah to bestow him (beggar) with more Rizk as he never ate to his full. Hazrat Musa a.s agreed and requested Allah to bless that beggar with more Rizk.

Allah replied, “His destiny holds only this much of Rizk and he is getting it as is written”

So, Hazrat Musa a.s conveyed this message to that beggar. The beggar replied, “If my Rizk cannot multiply then ask Allah to bless me with all the Rizk of my lifetime at once. So that at least I will eat mouthful even just for few days.”

Hazrat Musa a.s told Allah about the beggar’s wish and Allah granted him his wish.

Some years later Hazrat Musa a.s again happened to be in the same city and this time he found scores of beggars in line holding their cups to get food from some charity stall. Hazrat Musa a.s inquired about this charitable stall and to his surprise it was run by the same beggar who was once dying of hunger and didn’t have enough Rizk in his destiny!

Hazrat Musa a.s asked Allah, “If this beggar had dearth of Rizk then how come is he running a charity stall?”

Allah replied, “After I granted him all his Rizk in a single day, he didn’t have all by himself. He went out in search of other beggars who didn’t have any food that night. He shared his food with them and by doing so I was indebted and I, Allah don’t keep my debts for long. I pay my debts with many folds. So, the day he stops giving away his food in charity will be the day I won’t be his borrower anymore and the multiplication of his Rizk will cease!”


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