When the time of Hazrat Fatima ra’s death came close and she began to feel that death was near, she asked her husband, Hazrat Ali ra, to bury her during the night even if she happened to pass away during the day itself. When the reason for such an unusual will was sought, she told her husband that, during her entire lifetime, no human not even the sky has been able to get a glimpse of her face, even once! Because of her adherence to Hijab and even so after her death she didn’t want anyone to have a look at her face. So, she wanted to be buried in the darkness of the night where no one but her lord can watch her. She wasn’t satisfied even after this, she further wanted some sort of covering over her deceased body as the people during the night would be carrying some sort of lit torches and their torches might illuminate her face, many women gave their suggestion and at last the design put forward by Hazrat Aisha ra was accepted by Hazrat Fatima ra which comprised of covering the body with date palm leaves.

On the day of Qiyamat, when Hazrat Fatima ra will be crossing the pul-sirat, a voice will command every soul to lower its eyes so that Fatima ra, daughter of Muhammad pbuh may cross the bridge and every gaze will be lowered while she will cross.

 When Prophet pbuh was speaking about the women of Jannat, he said about the four most respected women of Jannat they are:-

  1. Hazrat Aisha, wife of Firaon.
  2. Hazrat Maryam, mother of Hazrat Esa pbuh.
  3. Hazrat Khadija, wife of Hazrat Muhammad pbuh.
  4. Hazrat Fatima, daughter of Hazrat Muhammad pbuh.

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