A Nimaz of its kind

Once Hazrat Urwa bin Zubair (ra) suffered from some disease. The disease had damaged his entire foot. So, the doctors at that time recommended to amputate his foot to stop further damage to the leg. He complied to the expert advice.

Now, on the day of operation, he was asked to have some sort of anesthetic medicine to escape from writhing pain endured during the surgery. He didn’t agree. They further told him that after cutting his foot, he had to undergo another process where to stop further blood loss his wound would be scalded with boiling oil!

He told them that he has a better solution to escape from pain. He told them that he would offer Nimaz and during that they (surgeons) should carryout the whole operation.
And it happened as such, he offered the Nimaz while being operated on and didn’t feel any pain whatsoever! Later, after finishing the Nimaz, he asked them if they had done the surgery and to his surprise, they showed him the amputated foot!


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