Repent, it’s never too late

In Bani Israel, there lived a man named Kif’l. Kif’l was one of the richest and licentious people of Bani Israel,full of carnal desires. And these desires used to make him sought new preys every night. It’s said that he used to pay 60 dinars every night for a virgin! 60 dinars of that time are roughly more than $1million of this era! $1 million every night just to satisfy his lust!

As it happened, one night, while going to his room to commit adultery, the girl who had been purchased was crying. Kif’l asked her, “Why are you crying? I didn’t bring you here against your will.” The girl replied, “I’m not into this profession, would never have been, had it not been the pangs of Hunger that drove me here” Kif’l was shocked, the guy was alien to the word ‘Hunger’. “I’m an orphan” she continued, “I have an old mother and young siblings to take care of. After my father’s death we have lived in penury. Nobody ever cared to lend a helping hand, there is no income, we are starving, I had to do this to prevent us dying of hunger”. After listening to her Kif’l had tears in his eyes and said to her, “Sister, take this money, take care of your family, leave as you came. May Allah be merciful at your tears and forgive me. Sister, pray for my forgiveness.” Kif’l didn’t know what would happen to him the very next moment. Before the girl reached her home, Kif’l had already died.

Nobody prepared for his funeral because of his promiscuous nature. He was literally left to rot. BUT, next morning his door had a writing in noor ‘Indeed WE have forgiven Kif’l of his all past sins!!!’

The main lesson to learn from this anecdote is that ‘it’s never too late to repent’ and another important lesson is that if we as Muslims would take care of our less privileged brothers and sisters, no girl would be pushed to turn to Kif’l!


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