Royal debt

When Hazrat Yousuf a.s was appointed by the king to distribute the grains among his people during the time of 7 year draught, a young boy came to him for the grains. After getting the grains from the workers, this boy asked for more so the workers gave him more according to his request. Despite receiving much more amount of grains than he deserved, this boy kept asking for more. The workers led him to their supervisor and at last he was taken to Hazrat Yousuf a.s himself.

Hazrat Yousuf a.s asked him about his query, and at last gave him a sack of grains.

The boy replied, “If I tell you who I am, you will give me much more than a few bags of grains.”

Surprised, Hazrat Yousuf a.s asked, “Who are you?”

The boy replied, “I’m that same boy whose hypothesis acquitted you of the charges levied against you by Zulailkha.” Hearing this Hazrat Yousuf a.s embraced that boy, welcomed him as his guest, made him to stay at his palace; and after few days of royal treatment, he returned with a ‘caravan’ of grains back to his place.

When kings are indebted, they pay you with more than you expect. Imagine, how Allah will pay to those whom he says, He is indebted to!


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