What A Bargain!

Once our beloved Prophet pbuh was sitting, and a man came to him.
The man said, “Ya RasoolAllah, I have a garden at some place and I wish to erect a wall around it but there’s one problem, there’s a date tree of another Muslim that stands on the proposed plan of the wall. I asked that Muslim to sell me the tree but he refuses to do so.”

The Prophet pbuh called that Muslim, (who actually was a Munafiq) and said, “If you give me that date tree, I promise you a date tree in Jannah, which is so large that under its shade you can walk for 100 years”

The Munafiq declined the offer. In the gathering, listening to this, was Hazrat Abu Dharda ra who asked Prophet pbuh about the offer if he, Abu Dharda ra bought the date tree. The Prophet pbuh replied that he, Abu Dharda ra too will get the same reward.

So, Hazrat Abu Dharda ra went to that Munafiq.

Hazrat Abu Dharda: “Please sell me that date tree.”

Munafiq: “I didn’t sell it to the Prophet pbuh, what makes you think I will sell to you?”

Hazrat: “I’m Abu Dharda. Do you know about my gardens?”

Munafiq: “Who doesn’t know about your beautiful gardens? They’re the largest and most beautiful gardens in whole Madina.”

Hazrat: “Give me that one date tree and all of my gardens belong to you!”

Hearing this, the Munafiq began to laugh. Hazrat told him how serious he was. And soon after the deal, Hazrat rushed to meet the Prophet pbuh.

Seeing Abu Dharda ra, Prophet pbuh said, “Abu Dharda I promised you just one date tree but now, I’m seeing whole of your Jannah full of date trees.”

Hearing this, Abu Dharda ra went home running. He found his wife in the garden and told her about the deal and she replied, “What a bargain!”

She had collected some dates from the garden and presented them to Abu Dharda ra.

Hazrat: “When did you pick them?”
She: “After the Salaah.”

Hazrat Abu Dharda ra threw them back into the garden and said, “The deal took place before the Salaah!”

After this, Hazrat Abu Dharda spent whole of his life in penury.


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