Once Hazrat Esa (as) was going through a forest along with his companions. They reached a valley where a bandit used to plunder the caravans. The bandit saw the noor of the Prophet (as) and immediately repented. He left his past behind him and began to follow the Prophet (as). On seeing a bandit among them, one of the companions said “Huh”, which was uttered in a condescending manner.

Immediately, Allah sent Hazrat Jibreel (as) with the following message:

” O Prophet of Allah, there are two men walking behind you, ask both of them to start their life afresh. For one of them was a bandit who repented and I have forgiven him of his past and the other of them is your companions, who rebuked my servant by saying “Huh”, I’ve nullified all his good deeds of the past. They both now stand equal before me.”

This is what happened to the companion of the Prophet (as) for rebuking a bandit, imagine what will happen to us for rebuking fellow Muslims!