Our beloved Prophet’s father died before he was even born and when our beloved Prophet pbuh was 7 years old, his mother passed away. Both His parents were aged 25 at the time of their death.

Prophet’s mother died at a place called Abwa which is a desolated place outside Makkah. It’s stated that she, Hazrat Aamina, might have died because of a heart attack. At the time of her death, she was accompanied by Umm-e-aiman, a female servant, and the final Prophet pbuh. Before her death she called our Prophet pbuh and said, “Life is followed by death and youth by old age. I think my time has come, but I’m happy that I’ve given birth to a great personality” and thus she died. Our Prophet pbuh cried for hours upon her death. She was buried on a hillock, when Umm-e-Aiman brought Prophet down that hillock, He ran back again to the top, hugged the grave, and was heard by Umm-e-aiman saying, “My mother, you knew I didn’t have anyone in this world apart from you.”

Then Umm-e-aiman had to drag crying Muhammad ﷺ down that hillock and the Prophet kept crying till they reached Makkah.

When our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was performing Hajj, he was accompanied by some 70,000 people, they were traveling back to Madina. On their way back, they had to stop at Abwa town where all the arrangements were made for the night’s stay. But Prophet pbuh took a detour towards his mother’s grave. Upon reaching there, He sat down and put his head on his arms and began to cry, so much so that his beard was soaked in his tears.

Describing his affection for his mother and the stature of mother in Islam, Prophet pbuh said, “If I would have started praying Isha and be reciting Surah Fatiha, and my mother calls from home saying ‘Ya Muhammad ﷺ’ Indeed, I would have responded to her! “


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