Who Is Muhammad (pbuh)

Once a Bedouin came to our Prophet pbuh with some questions regarding Islam while Prophet pbuh was in Masjid-e-Nabvi, which also happened to be his home. After getting the answers and being satisfied; he, Bedouin, got up and began to leave. He went to a spot inside the masjid and urinated there, not to display contempt but because of his wonts of Bedouin life. Sahaba got infuriated and went to harm him, Prophet pbuh asked them to holdback. When Bedouin was finished Prophet pbuh went to clean that spot and told him about the reverence of Masjid!

When our Prophet pbuh was fighting in Uhad and due to disobedience of few Muslim Allah took away his help, Prophet pbuh was cornered and was being attacked from all sides. One disbeliever threw a stone at the Prophet pbuh, all the Sahaba were looking out for arrows and spears
so this stone went unnoticed. The stone hit the Prophet’s face and left him bleeding. The impact of the hit was such that Prophet pbuh fell on his back, there was a ditch and Prophet pbuh fell into that, Prophet’s neck fell on the edge of the ditch and he became unconscious. There was a great chaos as Sahaba thought that Prophet pbuh had passed away. After a while, Prophet pbuh regained his composure and got up to make a Dua. Sahaba thought that this is it, this is the end of these disbelievers.

The Prophet pbuh said, “Ya Allah guide these people they don’t know who I am!”

When our Prophet pbuh went to Taif, he was ridiculed there. Children were set after him, throwing stones at him, abusing him. Prophet pbuh was accompanied by Hazrat Zaid ra, who tried his best to shield the Prophet pbuh but, still, many stones hit the Prophet. Some stones hit him at the ankles and he started to bleed, he bled so much that his slippers reeked of blood. Prophet pbuh fell unconscious and was picked up by Hazrat Zaid ra who ran carrying the Prophet pbuh on his shoulders and entered an orchard nearby for shelter. The Orchard belonged to Utbah, a staunch enemy of islam.

He was shaken by seeing what people of Taif had done to the Prophet pbuh. He sent his slave with grapes to the Prophet pbuh. The slave, while serving the grapes to Prophet pbuh, heard him say “Bismillah,” He said to Prophet that people of this region don’t use this word how come you say it? The Prophet pbuh asked him, “Where have you come from?” Slave replied, “Ninvah,” Prophet pbuh said, “The place of my brother Younis a.s?” The slave was shocked and asked him how he knew about Younis a.s? Prophet pbuh replied that he (Younis a.s) too was a Prophet like himself. The Slave at once proclaimed Shahadah. Hearing Shahadah from the slave made Prophet pbuh forget all his pain and sufferings and brought a smile to his face.

This is what the Rasool of Allah did when people abused, mocked and hurt him. We belong to the glorious religion of Islam, the word Islam itself has been depended derived from Arabic word meaning PEACE. Islam only teaches to profess peace. So before blaming Islam for acts of few individuals or a group(s), first learn what Islam actually stands for, check how this religion survived, see the beautiful life of our beloved Prophet pbuh and then decide if those individuals/groups did actually act on Islam or on something not even remotely connected to Islam.


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