Mostly write Fiction, Non-Fiction, Social Issues, History, bad Poetry. Student. Contact at Twitter


4 thoughts on “About

  1. why have u stopped blogging. u shd continue. atleast blog once a month. on google, i was searching for kashmiri stuff, n i came across ua blogs. it impressed me. i follow u on twitter also now, only bcox of ua blogs. stay blessed. keep us in touch with our culture. most importantly, u knw our culture, our religion to the best… n also humanity….these things were evident from ua blogs

    • Coincidentally, was writing a blog today. Do check it out. And thanks for your comments but I believe I’m a mere student of our culture, religion. There are people much better out there.

  2. yeah, there are indeed better. i believe, we all are students…in process of learning continously…and there is only one teacher… that is Him Allah subhanwatallah ….jazak Allahu khairan for such beautiful posts.

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