Power Of Astagfirullah

Once Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra) was travelling to some place. On his way, he arrived at some town, at midnight. He was travelling all alone so he decided to have some rest at that place and continue forward in the morning. To spend the night, he decided to take shelter in a masjid. So, he went inside the masjid and began to rest; soon, some guard came and asked him to vacate the ‘House of God’. The guard didn’t know whom he was addressing though Imam was a greatly revered scholar at that time but since there was no technological outburst as of today, so mostly people knew great men only by their name and not by their face.

Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra), politely replied to him that he was only seeking refuge for the night and that this was a masjid. The guard didn’t budge, so, Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra) went out of the masjid and decided to sleep at the doorway. This irked the guard and he dragged the imam onto the road. Across the street, there was a baker who was getting the dough ready for the next morning, while doing so he was watching all that was happening on the other side. He saw this person being dragged, and because of Imam’s humbleness and his character while dealing with the disrespect and also because Imam appeared to be a man of knowledge, the baker invited this old person into his shop and allowed him to take some rest there.


While preparing the dough, this baker was continuously reciting Astagfirullah. Imam noticed this, and asked this baker if he has experienced some barakah out of this continuous Istagfaar. The baker replied that all of his duas have been granted to him because of the barakah of Istagfaar except one! Imam curiously asked which one? Baker replied that he had made a dua to meet the scholar of the time Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra) and so far that dua hasn’t been granted to him.

Hearing this, Imam understood the Allah’s plan of making him leave for an impromptu visit without anyone to accompany him, arriving in the town past midnight, being dragged out of the ‘House of God’ and being invited into the ‘House of baker’ just to answer that Baker’s dua of meeting the Imam!


Ways And Means

This Islamic anecdote has given me hope in dark times, it is quite soothing and contenting if you happen to be a muslim. It makes your trust in Allah more than anything and it tells you that Allah is the creator of ways and means, ways that might appear implausible to you are very much plausible in the eyes of Allah.


Once Hazrat Musa (as) was ill and he tried some common medications but they all proved to be useless. So while going on the mount Toor, he thought of asking Allah for some remedy. So it happened and Allah advised him to travel to such and such place and there he will find such and such plant and the cure for his ailment lies in the leaves of that plant.
After coming back from the Toor, Hazrat Musa (as) straightaway went to that place, searched for that plant and ate its leaves; and as told by Allah he got cured right there.


After some time passed, Hazrat Musa (as) again felt the same pain. This time he rushed to that same spot, got hold of the leaves of that plant and began to eat them; to his surprise the pain began to get worse! He ate some more and it worsened more. It developed into an excruciating pain and to know the reason, he rushed to the Mount Toor.


Hazrat Musa (as): “Ya Allah! I had the same pain as last time and I did the same as you told me the last time but to my surprise the pain didn’t subside rather it worsened. Why?”

Allah: “Did I tell you to have those leaves this time?”

Hazrat Musa (as): “No, but they are the same leaves that cured me last time.”


Allah: “It was I who cured you the last time not those leaves, they were only the means for the cure!”




During the period of Hazrat Basri r.a a rich person died leaving behind a large fortune to his only son. His son, who inherited the fortune, used the money for all sorts of illicit activities. All his life his mother implored him to attend the lectures of Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may return to the right path but he never heeded to her calls. After spending all of his life going against the will of Allah, he health deteriorated due to his habits. Bedridden during the fag end of his life, his mother still wanted him to visit Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may have a change of heart though at the end. The son constantly kept refusing to acknowledge his mother’s wish.

When he felt the death looming over him, he asked his mother to take him to Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may repent for his sins- he had never prayed in his life, didn’t know any Aayah, Dua that he may recite while asking for forgiveness but at this point he was too weak to get out of the bed. His mother ran to Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a and asked Hazrat to visit her son and help him to perform Taubah. At that point of time, Hazrat was teaching his students and felt it implausible to leave the class for a personal visit, so he turned the mother away. She returned back without Hassan Basri r.a and narrated her ordeal and helplessness to her son.

This had a deep impact on his heart, he now turned towards Allah and said, “Ya Allah, you are aware that I want to repent but I don’t know how to. I even asked Hassan Basri r.a to come and teach me how to but he refused to come. You can forgive me whether I know how to repent or not, whether Hassan Basri r.a is present or not. I am coming to you without any good deed, without any Salah in my name, you can forgive me. Please forgive me.”

He felt the time to be near and made a will. He asked his mother to bury him at any other place except the muslim graveyard as he feared that with the amount of the sins he has committed, the graves that would be beside him would also get punished! Further he asked his mother to tie a rope around his neck, after his death, and drag him through the town like a dog so that all of his companions who used to participate in those illicit activities with him might know what they were staring at and hopefully have a change of heart. Finally, his mother again went to Hassan Basri r.a, who had just finished the class. She asked Hazrat to lead the Jinazah of her son. Hassan Basri, against his nature, became very angry and asked the mother to return for he was not going to lead the Jinazah of a person who has never prayed a single prayer in his life.

The mother returned back, hopeless and asked the neighbours to perform the final rites as per the will and as per the norm. Soon they heard a knock at the door and when enquired who it was, the reply was, “I am Hassan (Basri)”.  The mother was surprised to see the same person at door who moments before turned her request to lead the Jinazah of her son away. When she asked about the change of thought, Hassan Basri replied, “After finishing the class I slept for a while. I had a dream where somebody told me, “Hassan, did you just refuse to lead the Jinazah of a Wali? Are you willing to lose all of your Ilm because of your ego?”  Just then I woke up and headed here.”


Jahanum has got 7 divisions and the most painful among them is the bottommost division which is reserved for the Munaafiq of this Ummah; even one of the greatest enemies of Islam, Abu Jahl isn’t in it.

And among those Munaafiq, the greatest one was named Abdullah bin Ubai. His fate and emaan was known to all of the Muslims. But, he was blessed with a righteous son named Abdullah (ra).

When Ubai was at his deathbed, Abdullah (ra) came to the Prophet pbuh while the Prophet pbuh was drinking water.

Abdullah ra: Ya Rasooluallah, will you please save some of that water.

Prophet pbuh: Why? What’s it for?

Abdullah ra: I want to give that to my father and perhaps emaan will enter his heart because of that.

Prophet pbuh gladly have away the leftover water to him.

So, Abdullah ra ran to his father and offered him the water.

Ubai: What’s that?

Abdullah ra: This is the water that has touched the beloved Prophet pbuh, drink it so that Allah will bless you with emaan.

Ubai: Go away, and bring me some urine, I’ll prefer drinking that instead.

At this, Abdullah ra was infuriated, he went back to the Prophet pbuh and asked for permission to slay his own father. Listening to this, Prophet pbuh advised Abdullah ra to take care of his ailing father.

After sometime, Ubai passed away. Again Abdullah ra came to the Prophet pbuh, this time with a new request.

Abdullah ra: Ya Rasooluallah, can I get your robe?

Prophet pbuh: Why? What do you need it for?

Abdullah ra: I’ll make it the shroud for my father, and hope Allah will forgive him because of that.

Prophet pbuh gladly gave away his robe.

Finally, when the funeral procession commenced, Prophet pbuh came forward to lead the funeral prayers. Hazrat Umar ra stood before the Prophet pbuh.

Hazrat Umar ra: Ya Rasooluallah, what are you doing? He’s a Munaafiq.

Prophet pbuh: Yes, I know but I’ll still pray perhaps Allah might forgive him. And I know Allah has revealed that,  “even if you pray for them 70 times, they won’t be forgiven.” Had Allah said, “if you pray for them 70+1 times, then only I’ll forgive them.” I’d have prayed 70+1 times for them.

At last, Ubai was laid in his grave. Prophet pbuh asked him to be taken out. Now, Prophet pbuh put his saliva into the mouth of Ubai and prayed for his forgiveness.

Witnessing this event, 100 Munaafiq proclaimed Shadahh!

We inherit such a beautiful deen but are busy in issuing Fatwas against every other sect. There’s not a single sect left within Islam that hasn’t got a fatwa of kufr issued against them by some other sect. We’ve become so intolerant and self-righteous that we think that we are the custodians of Jannah. With an internet connection and YouTube Shiekh at disposal, everyone considers himself akin to a Mufti.

That guy is not going to Jannah despite him being nice and all. Why? Because, while praying, he holds his hands at his chest! Astagfirullah! And that guy surely is going to hell. Why? Because, dude, he doesn’t even hold his hands while praying! And don’t get me started on that guy who doesn’t do rafayadain (raising hands in prayer), he’s rotting in hell. Why? Go check this ‘link’!

The Prophet pbuh even hoped to find Ubai in Jannah while you don’t hope to find the guy praying next to you!

Who Is Muhammad (pbuh)

Once a Bedouin came to our Prophet pbuh with some questions regarding Islam while Prophet pbuh was in Masjid-e-Nabvi, which also happened to be his home. After getting the answers and being satisfied; he, Bedouin, got up and began to leave. He went to a spot inside the masjid and urinated there, not to display contempt but because of his wonts of Bedouin life. Sahaba got infuriated and went to harm him, Prophet pbuh asked them to holdback. When Bedouin was finished Prophet pbuh went to clean that spot and told him about the reverence of Masjid!

When our Prophet pbuh was fighting in Uhad and due to disobedience of few Muslim Allah took away his help, Prophet pbuh was cornered and was being attacked from all sides. One disbeliever threw a stone at the Prophet pbuh, all the Sahaba were looking out for arrows and spears
so this stone went unnoticed. The stone hit the Prophet’s face and left him bleeding. The impact of the hit was such that Prophet pbuh fell on his back, there was a ditch and Prophet pbuh fell into that, Prophet’s neck fell on the edge of the ditch and he became unconscious. There was a great chaos as Sahaba thought that Prophet pbuh had passed away. After a while, Prophet pbuh regained his composure and got up to make a Dua. Sahaba thought that this is it, this is the end of these disbelievers.

The Prophet pbuh said, “Ya Allah guide these people they don’t know who I am!”

When our Prophet pbuh went to Taif, he was ridiculed there. Children were set after him, throwing stones at him, abusing him. Prophet pbuh was accompanied by Hazrat Zaid ra, who tried his best to shield the Prophet pbuh but, still, many stones hit the Prophet. Some stones hit him at the ankles and he started to bleed, he bled so much that his slippers reeked of blood. Prophet pbuh fell unconscious and was picked up by Hazrat Zaid ra who ran carrying the Prophet pbuh on his shoulders and entered an orchard nearby for shelter. The Orchard belonged to Utbah, a staunch enemy of islam.

He was shaken by seeing what people of Taif had done to the Prophet pbuh. He sent his slave with grapes to the Prophet pbuh. The slave, while serving the grapes to Prophet pbuh, heard him say “Bismillah,” He said to Prophet that people of this region don’t use this word how come you say it? The Prophet pbuh asked him, “Where have you come from?” Slave replied, “Ninvah,” Prophet pbuh said, “The place of my brother Younis a.s?” The slave was shocked and asked him how he knew about Younis a.s? Prophet pbuh replied that he (Younis a.s) too was a Prophet like himself. The Slave at once proclaimed Shahadah. Hearing Shahadah from the slave made Prophet pbuh forget all his pain and sufferings and brought a smile to his face.

This is what the Rasool of Allah did when people abused, mocked and hurt him. We belong to the glorious religion of Islam, the word Islam itself has been depended derived from Arabic word meaning PEACE. Islam only teaches to profess peace. So before blaming Islam for acts of few individuals or a group(s), first learn what Islam actually stands for, check how this religion survived, see the beautiful life of our beloved Prophet pbuh and then decide if those individuals/groups did actually act on Islam or on something not even remotely connected to Islam.


Once Hazrat Esa (as) was going through a forest along with his companions. They reached a valley where a bandit used to plunder the caravans. The bandit saw the noor of the Prophet (as) and immediately repented. He left his past behind him and began to follow the Prophet (as). On seeing a bandit among them, one of the companions said “Huh”, which was uttered in a condescending manner.

Immediately, Allah sent Hazrat Jibreel (as) with the following message:

” O Prophet of Allah, there are two men walking behind you, ask both of them to start their life afresh. For one of them was a bandit who repented and I have forgiven him of his past and the other of them is your companions, who rebuked my servant by saying “Huh”, I’ve nullified all his good deeds of the past. They both now stand equal before me.”

This is what happened to the companion of the Prophet (as) for rebuking a bandit, imagine what will happen to us for rebuking fellow Muslims!

What A Bargain!

Once our beloved Prophet pbuh was sitting, and a man came to him.
The man said, “Ya RasoolAllah, I have a garden at some place and I wish to erect a wall around it but there’s one problem, there’s a date tree of another Muslim that stands on the proposed plan of the wall. I asked that Muslim to sell me the tree but he refuses to do so.”

The Prophet pbuh called that Muslim, (who actually was a Munafiq) and said, “If you give me that date tree, I promise you a date tree in Jannah, which is so large that under its shade you can walk for 100 years”

The Munafiq declined the offer. In the gathering, listening to this, was Hazrat Abu Dharda ra who asked Prophet pbuh about the offer if he, Abu Dharda ra bought the date tree. The Prophet pbuh replied that he, Abu Dharda ra too will get the same reward.

So, Hazrat Abu Dharda ra went to that Munafiq.

Hazrat Abu Dharda: “Please sell me that date tree.”

Munafiq: “I didn’t sell it to the Prophet pbuh, what makes you think I will sell to you?”

Hazrat: “I’m Abu Dharda. Do you know about my gardens?”

Munafiq: “Who doesn’t know about your beautiful gardens? They’re the largest and most beautiful gardens in whole Madina.”

Hazrat: “Give me that one date tree and all of my gardens belong to you!”

Hearing this, the Munafiq began to laugh. Hazrat told him how serious he was. And soon after the deal, Hazrat rushed to meet the Prophet pbuh.

Seeing Abu Dharda ra, Prophet pbuh said, “Abu Dharda I promised you just one date tree but now, I’m seeing whole of your Jannah full of date trees.”

Hearing this, Abu Dharda ra went home running. He found his wife in the garden and told her about the deal and she replied, “What a bargain!”

She had collected some dates from the garden and presented them to Abu Dharda ra.

Hazrat: “When did you pick them?”
She: “After the Salaah.”

Hazrat Abu Dharda ra threw them back into the garden and said, “The deal took place before the Salaah!”

After this, Hazrat Abu Dharda spent whole of his life in penury.

Moses and Magicians

When Firaoan declared a competition between the magicians and Hazrat Musa (as), he assigned the organising committee and commanded them to carryout the competition on the given date. It was customary for the participants who were appearing in any competition to wear a uniform and appear as professionals. Wearing of a proper uniform was a diktat issued by the Firaon himself.

The organisers made dresses for both the magicians and Hazrat Musa (as), magicians were asked to wear the given dresses to which they complied whereas Hazrat Musa (as) refused to wear any uniform. It was dawned upon the organisers that if Hazrat Musa (as) wasn’t wearing the desired dress all of them would be punished and the modest of which meant death by torture.

They were all worried and began to shudder under fear when someone among them suggested that if Hazrat Musa (as) is reluctant in wearing the dress of magicians, then the only solution is to make the magicians wear His (as) dress. Viola! And there it was!

The organisers came up with the robes for magicians which were resembling to that of the Hazrat Musa (as) in every aspect.

The competition began and the magicians after losing proclaimed Shadah. They were the only people in the whole gathering who were guided by the Allah. Firaon was infuriated after witnessing their proclamation and ordered to execute them on a cross.

The angels were astonished and asked Allah, “Why did you choose to guide the people that dared to compete against your prophet?”

Allah replied, “These magicians were the only people in the whole gathering that closely resembled my Prophet, it’s just because of their resemblance to Musa (as) that I chose to guide them and grant them jannah!”

Islamic Anecdotes

‘What is meant to befall you cannot miss you and what is meant to miss you cannot befall you’

During the khilafah of Hazrat Noor-u-din Zangi (ra) a perfect illustration of the above quote took place.

Once Hazrat Noor-u-din zangi (ra) lost his way in a jungle while on an errand. He was in search of a shelter and finally found a lonely hut amidst the forest. He went near the hut and asked for permission to enter. An old lady confronted him there. He asked permission to stay for a night, the woman allowed him to stay as their guest. Soon he learnt that the old lady’s only daughter, a widow was going to deliver a child that very night. During the night Hazrat Noor-u-din Zangi (ra) was praying and immediately after the baby was born he saw an apparition outside. He followed it and asked it some questions. He was told by the apparition that this child born tonight was going to be killed at his wedding by a beast. Hazrat Nur-u-din Zangi (ra) wanted to return the gesture of the poor family’s hospitality by saving the life of their only heir. So before he left in the morning, he told the old lady who he was and insisted to be invited to the wedding of this child any how.

Years passed by and finally that fateful day was near. The child now potter was going to be married. The old lady went to Nur-u-din Zangi ra and told him about the wedding, he soon recollected the past and took cognizance of the situation. He went to the wedding with his swordsmen and directed them to kill any beast they see.

Meanwhile the bride and groom were married and were now talking to each other. The bride asked the groom to make something for her, the groom replied that pottery needed many materials, tools, conditions etc. The bride broke her bangle and asked the groom to at least draw something for her on the ground. The groom drew a beast and Allah breathed life into it. The beast sunk its teeth in the groom’s throat. Hazrat Nur-u-din Zangi ra swung his sword but not before Allah’s command was fulfilled!

Islamic Anecdotes

‘Never underestimate your Mother’s dua’

Once hazrat Musa (as) asked Allah, “Who is my companion in Jannah?”. Allah replied, “It’s so and so butcher”. Hazrat Musa (as) was intrigued as well as puzzled to know such detail, so he went out to check about this butcher. On his way he was thinking about the deeds of this butcher who was going to be the companion of the most favoured prophet pbuh of Allah. He pictured the butcher to be in a state of prayer for most of the latter’s time.

When Hazrat Musa (as) reached the city of this butcher, he asked people about him and went to observe him. Hazrat Musa (as) watched him for the whole day but failed to notice any special deed done by him. When the butcher was finished he saved some meat for himself and walked back towards his home. Hazrat Musa (as) confronted him on his way and asked for his permission to provide former a shelter for the night. The butcher not having met Hazrat Musa (as) before took him for any traveller and welcomed him as his guest.

The butcher had a blind, ailing mother at home, so when he got home he went to prepare dinner for himself and his mother. After preparing it, he served it to his mother first, feeding her himself. For each morsel he fed his mother she used to say, “May Allah make you as Musa’s (as) companion in Jannah”. Hazrat Musa (as) after witnessing such love asked the butcher about this dua. The butcher replied, “My mother is senile and doesn’t know what she say’s, look at her stupidity, she expects me to be companion of Musa (as) in jannah!” Musa (as) replied, “Allah never likes to reject a mother’s dua for her children. I’m Musa (as) and indeed you’re my companion in Jannah!”