Ways And Means

This Islamic anecdote has given me hope in dark times, it is quite soothing and contenting if you happen to be a muslim. It makes your trust in Allah more than anything and it tells you that Allah is the creator of ways and means, ways that might appear implausible to you are very much plausible in the eyes of Allah.


Once Hazrat Musa (as) was ill and he tried some common medications but they all proved to be useless. So while going on the mount Toor, he thought of asking Allah for some remedy. So it happened and Allah advised him to travel to such and such place and there he will find such and such plant and the cure for his ailment lies in the leaves of that plant.
After coming back from the Toor, Hazrat Musa (as) straightaway went to that place, searched for that plant and ate its leaves; and as told by Allah he got cured right there.


After some time passed, Hazrat Musa (as) again felt the same pain. This time he rushed to that same spot, got hold of the leaves of that plant and began to eat them; to his surprise the pain began to get worse! He ate some more and it worsened more. It developed into an excruciating pain and to know the reason, he rushed to the Mount Toor.


Hazrat Musa (as): “Ya Allah! I had the same pain as last time and I did the same as you told me the last time but to my surprise the pain didn’t subside rather it worsened. Why?”

Allah: “Did I tell you to have those leaves this time?”

Hazrat Musa (as): “No, but they are the same leaves that cured me last time.”


Allah: “It was I who cured you the last time not those leaves, they were only the means for the cure!”




All For Knowledge

Once Hazrat Musa a.s asked Allah, “Is there anyone more knowledgeable than me?” To Hazrat Musa a.s’ surprise, Allah said, “Yes!”
Hazrat Musa a.s inquired about the person and came to know that his name is ‘Khazir’. Hazrat Musa a.s asked Allah to let Hazrat Khazir be his teacher so that he (Hazrat Musa a.s) might gain some knowledge. Allah permitted him, and told him to take a fried fish along with him and travel by a boat to some place. The place where this fish would comeback to life, would be the place where Hazrat Khazir can be found.

So as it happened, Hazrat Musa a.s setout in a boat along with a subordinate. After travelling for a while Hazrat Musa a.s asked his subordinate to remind him the place where this fish would resurrect. Hazrat Musa a.s felt asleep and after moving for a day or so, they reached a place where this fish jumped into the water. This subordinate had decided to let Hazrat Musa a.s know but seeing him in a state of rest, he thought to tell it afterwards.

After travelling further, they reached to some place and decided to anchor the boat. Hazrat Musa a.s got off the boat and started to explore the place. Both of them were hungry and decided to eat the fish they were carrying, soon it dawned upon them that the fish was meant to be a compass rather than the food.

So, Hazrat Musa a.s asked his subordinate to bring that fish.

Subordinate: “Master, the fish got resurrected and went into the water.”

Hazrat Musa a.s: “Then, why didn’t you inform me?”

Sub: “I decided to inform you after you had rested but Shaitan made me forget.”

Irked by such response, Hazrat Musa a.s decided to traceback their footsteps to the place his subordinate mentioned. They decided to move along the shore as mentioned by the subordinate. After traveling for some more distance on foot, they saw a man sleeping under a tree.

Both of them were hungry and tired, and hoped to get some food from this man. At this point, the subordinate recollected that this is the same place where the fish had resurrected. He soon informed Hazrat Musa a.s who now approached this man and said, “Asalamualaikum”
Hazrat Khazir with his arm over his face replied, “What do you want?!”

Hazrat Musa a.s expected to hear more soft and peaceful words in return but since this man was to be his teacher he explained his visit.

Hazrat Khazir, in a harsh tone, replied, “Yes, I know who you’re and what business you’ve here but why are you late?”

Despite being a short tempered person, hungry for whole day while traveling, and the prophet of his time; Hazrat Musa a.s asked for forgiveness from his teacher and Fan’talaqaa” (Both of them decided to move forward).

Rest is mentioned in Quran, Surah Kahf.