Once a traveler was passing through the city of Madina, he was intending to sell off his horse so as to have some money for further travels. It was quite early, the market was empty but he saw a buyer approaching him in the market. The buyer turned out to be our Prophet (saww). Deal was done and Prophet (saww) went to his home to fetch the money. Meanwhile, someone approached that traveler asking him for the price of his horse. The traveler said that he had already sold it to the Prophet (saww), the new buyer promised to pay more than what he has already sold it for. Since there weren’t many people around to witness the deal of the Prophet (saww), the traveler refused to acknowledge any deal with the Prophet (saww) upon Prophet’s arrival with the money.

Time was passing by and the market was getting started with more and more people joining in, many of whom started to take interest in what was happening with the horse deal. As it was decided, Prophet (saww) was asked to bring forth a witness or leave the deal. Since there was no one present at the time of the deal, Prophet (saww) had decided to leave the deal as such.

Suddenly, someone claimed that he had witness the deal taking place and favored the Prophet’s version of the events. Upon the completion of the deal, Prophet asked that witness, how was it that you claimed to be the witness despite you not being present at the scene and seeing it all? The witness replied, Ya Rasoolallah (saww), this was just a matter of a horse deal, you said that there is a God called Allah, when I trusted you over that I can trust you over this as well!


Power Of Astagfirullah

Once Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra) was travelling to some place. On his way, he arrived at some town, at midnight. He was travelling all alone so he decided to have some rest at that place and continue forward in the morning. To spend the night, he decided to take shelter in a masjid. So, he went inside the masjid and began to rest; soon, some guard came and asked him to vacate the ‘House of God’. The guard didn’t know whom he was addressing though Imam was a greatly revered scholar at that time but since there was no technological outburst as of today, so mostly people knew great men only by their name and not by their face.

Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra), politely replied to him that he was only seeking refuge for the night and that this was a masjid. The guard didn’t budge, so, Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra) went out of the masjid and decided to sleep at the doorway. This irked the guard and he dragged the imam onto the road. Across the street, there was a baker who was getting the dough ready for the next morning, while doing so he was watching all that was happening on the other side. He saw this person being dragged, and because of Imam’s humbleness and his character while dealing with the disrespect and also because Imam appeared to be a man of knowledge, the baker invited this old person into his shop and allowed him to take some rest there.


While preparing the dough, this baker was continuously reciting Astagfirullah. Imam noticed this, and asked this baker if he has experienced some barakah out of this continuous Istagfaar. The baker replied that all of his duas have been granted to him because of the barakah of Istagfaar except one! Imam curiously asked which one? Baker replied that he had made a dua to meet the scholar of the time Hazrat Imam Hambal (ra) and so far that dua hasn’t been granted to him.

Hearing this, Imam understood the Allah’s plan of making him leave for an impromptu visit without anyone to accompany him, arriving in the town past midnight, being dragged out of the ‘House of God’ and being invited into the ‘House of baker’ just to answer that Baker’s dua of meeting the Imam!


During the period of Hazrat Basri r.a a rich person died leaving behind a large fortune to his only son. His son, who inherited the fortune, used the money for all sorts of illicit activities. All his life his mother implored him to attend the lectures of Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may return to the right path but he never heeded to her calls. After spending all of his life going against the will of Allah, he health deteriorated due to his habits. Bedridden during the fag end of his life, his mother still wanted him to visit Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may have a change of heart though at the end. The son constantly kept refusing to acknowledge his mother’s wish.

When he felt the death looming over him, he asked his mother to take him to Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may repent for his sins- he had never prayed in his life, didn’t know any Aayah, Dua that he may recite while asking for forgiveness but at this point he was too weak to get out of the bed. His mother ran to Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a and asked Hazrat to visit her son and help him to perform Taubah. At that point of time, Hazrat was teaching his students and felt it implausible to leave the class for a personal visit, so he turned the mother away. She returned back without Hassan Basri r.a and narrated her ordeal and helplessness to her son.

This had a deep impact on his heart, he now turned towards Allah and said, “Ya Allah, you are aware that I want to repent but I don’t know how to. I even asked Hassan Basri r.a to come and teach me how to but he refused to come. You can forgive me whether I know how to repent or not, whether Hassan Basri r.a is present or not. I am coming to you without any good deed, without any Salah in my name, you can forgive me. Please forgive me.”

He felt the time to be near and made a will. He asked his mother to bury him at any other place except the muslim graveyard as he feared that with the amount of the sins he has committed, the graves that would be beside him would also get punished! Further he asked his mother to tie a rope around his neck, after his death, and drag him through the town like a dog so that all of his companions who used to participate in those illicit activities with him might know what they were staring at and hopefully have a change of heart. Finally, his mother again went to Hassan Basri r.a, who had just finished the class. She asked Hazrat to lead the Jinazah of her son. Hassan Basri, against his nature, became very angry and asked the mother to return for he was not going to lead the Jinazah of a person who has never prayed a single prayer in his life.

The mother returned back, hopeless and asked the neighbours to perform the final rites as per the will and as per the norm. Soon they heard a knock at the door and when enquired who it was, the reply was, “I am Hassan (Basri)”.  The mother was surprised to see the same person at door who moments before turned her request to lead the Jinazah of her son away. When she asked about the change of thought, Hassan Basri replied, “After finishing the class I slept for a while. I had a dream where somebody told me, “Hassan, did you just refuse to lead the Jinazah of a Wali? Are you willing to lose all of your Ilm because of your ego?”  Just then I woke up and headed here.”


Hazrat Sulaiman a.s, a king of his time, had this unique ability of communicating with the animals, birds, djinns etc. Once hazrat sulaiman a.s was travelling along with his caravan, which consisted of all sorts of living beings mentioned above, he sent HUDHUD, a bird (hoopoe), to locate a place for them where they can rest for the night. HUDHUD was sent quite earlyin the morning and was expected to be back by the dusk.

Hazrat Sulaiman a.s was waiting for the HUDHUD’s arrival but with each passing minute he got angry at such indolent behaviour of his scout.
Hazrat Sulaiman a.s sent falcons to inform him about HUDHUD’s arrival but they too returned without any confirmation. Hazrat Sulaiman a.s, now, pledged to kill the HUDHUD upon his arrival as he (HUDHUD) had surely disobeyed the king.

Suddenly, a falcon announced HUDHUD’s arrival. HUDHUD came and dived directly at Hazrat Sulaiman’s feet, and appeared as if dead.  HUDHUD spread his wings over the ground and had made a gesture of apology. Hazrat Sulaiman a.s smiled and forgave him for his delay but asked him about the reason of delay.  HUDHUD replied, “Today, I saw a strange thing. I saw a qoum which was headed by a woman, the quom whose single man was as powerful as our whole quom put together. A single man from their tribe can kill us all, but they are so ignorant that they are praying to Sun! How can they kneel before Sun? Why don’t they glorify the truth? Don’t they know about Allah?”

Hazrat Sulaiman a.s replied that if you’re telling me the truth then take this letter and give it to her so that we all may be guided.
{Further, you can check Surah Naml}

Islamic Facts

* It is said that the Qoum-e-Saba (The Tribe of Saba) was the most powerful tribe that was ever created by Allah swt.  A single human of that tribe was equivalent to 100s of ours in strength. This was the reason that after receiving the letter they decided to fight but were dissuaded by Hazrat Bilquis in one of the most brilliant arguments ever given against a war.

*There are 114 ‘Bismillah…’ in the quran, the one omitted in the Surah Taubah is compensated by the “Bismillah…’ written by Hazrat Sulaiman a.s in the start of letter to Hazrat Bilquis quoted by quran


Once upon a time a muslim guy went to neighbouring town for some errand. After finishing his business early than he expected he decided to go for hunting as the forest happened to fall on his way back. He purchased a bow and some arrows from the market and went ahead on his venture.

He saw a beautiful bird sitting on a tree, he wanted to have that bird as his souvenir. He aimed at the bird, shot an arrow hoping to strike the bird but Allah wished otherwise. The arrow missed its target and hit a traveller instead who was going to the town this hunter was coming from. The traveller died on spot!

This youngman was perplexed and didn’t know what to do. He never meant to kill that guy. He noticed that he was alone in the forest but he didn’t escape. He took the deceased back to the town as the deceased was going there and shouted if anybody knew him.

Some person identified the deceased as a Christian living there. His family was called by the local court and since Shariah was imposed there, the Qazi asked the family of deceased, if they wanted the blood-money or wanted the killer to be dead.

The family asked for some time to decide and as it happened to be, the town once known for Christianity had almost reverted to Islam as a whole, the Christians now had the chance to have a shot at Muslims.

They wanted to see the killer dead, despite knowing the fact that it was unintentional killing, purely accidental. So the jury decided to execute the killer on the friday, tomorrow, after Namaz!

The guy (killer) was a pious person, he wanted to settle some debts before dying, inform his family and so. He was up all night thinking that his family, his children, his wife would think that he forsook them. Next morning after Fajr, he asked the jailer for a favour, he wanted to run back to his town, inform his family, settle debts and then come back to be executed. He promised the jailer to be back before Namaz.

During that time, even non-Muslims valued and respected the promise made by a Muslim, luckily, the jailer was a Muslim himself. So he decided to let him go.

Allah wanted to show the Ummah of future ‘What sort of muslims the time has seen’ so that the future generations might take a lesson from it.

As it happened the killer failed to make it before Zuhur. After the Namaz, jury called for him and the jailer told them the story.

The jailer was found to be negligent of his duty and it was decided that the jailer would be executed instead of the killer as the former had helped in latter’s escape.

The crowd had gathered to witness the execution and the jailer was brought forward, soon someone saw somebody come running towards them. It was the same killer! He was drenched in sweat, he went ahead and asked for an apology from the jailer, he was sorry for being late, said, his little son was difficult to persuade but Alhamdulillah he and his wife somehow managed it. Tears rolled down from the eyes of the Christian family, they asked the jury to release him, they wanted to accept the faith where a person returns back to be executed, leaving his family behind; willing to make his son an orphan, his wife a widow just because of a Promise!

Farishtoon ko dikhana tha ~ Bashar aisey bhi hotey hain!”

Islamic anedotes

Once Haroon Rashid and his wife Zubaida khatoon together,  went out for a walk. They were walking along the river bank. Haroon Rashid found Hazrat Behlol Dana ra making some sandcastles. Haroon Rashid found it amusing and decided to ask him.

Haroon: Behloul! What are you making?

Behloul: I’m making sandcastles.

Haroon: Why are you making them?

Behloul: Whosoever buys them, I will pray that, Allah grants them a house in jannah.

Haroon: And what’s the price?

Behloul: 1 Dinar!

Haroon Rashid knew about the nature of Behloud and thought that it was another sort of hallucination or a child’s play that was going on there. So he continued his stroll.

After sometime Zubaida khatoon walked past Behloul.

She: what are you doing Behloud?

Behloul: I’m making sandcastles.

She: Why are you making them?

Behloul: Whosoever buys them, I will pray that, Allah grants them a house in jannah.

She: And what’s the price?

Behloul: 1 Dinar!

She: Take one dinar, I’m buying one.

That night Haroon Rashid had a dream .He was in jannah and saw a beautiful palace there. Whole of the palace was carved out of a diamond, it had the plaster of musk. He went close to the palace and found his wife’s name on the nameplate. He desired to go in but was stopped by an angel.

Haroon: why are you stopping me?

Angel: Are you Zubaida khatoon?

Haroon: No!
Angel: we have a rule here ‘the person who owns the palace enters the palace!’

Haroon woke up and recollected his mistake.

Next morning he went out in search of the Behloul, hoping that today also he will be building those castles.

To his merriment, Behloul was doing the same. Haroon went to him sure of the fact that today he will seal a great deal.

Haroon: What are you doing?

Behloul: I’m making sandcastles.

Haroon: Why are you making them?

Behloul: Whosoever buys them, I will pray that, Allah grants them a house in jannah.

Haroon: And what’s the price?

Behloul: Whole Earth as my kingdom.

Haroon: Yesterday it was 1 Dinar and today it’s the whole Earth as your kingdom!?

Behloul: yesterday you were playing blind but today you’re all aware!

This is the condition of this world and the hereafter. At the time of death everyone is shown the heaven and the hell, even Firaon said ” I believe in the Lord of Haroon and Musa a.s” at his deathbed!