Dilbaro Mye Dil’as

This Kalaam is one of the famous Kashmiri poems of Nyaam, more because of Abdul Rashid Farash’s rendition of this Kalaam. This is a mystic Kalaam and like all the mystic kalaam’s no translation can do justice to them. This is my interpretation of this Kalaam. Errors and omissions regretted.

Dilbaro Mye dil’as Kaas gaangal’ai ~

Be balai chaan’ai deedaar saet

O’ beloved, rid my heart rid of hesitations

Only thy sight is my cure now.

Aaftaab roi’yo sheen Zan gal’ai ~

Yakh galai chaanay garmei seat 

Aab myaele aab’as, kyah mojaadalai
Be balai chaan’ai deedaar saet

You, with a face like Sun; and I, a ball of snow

I, like ice melting away with the brilliance of your radiance.

Water mingles with water there’s no opposition there.

Only thy sight is my cure now.

Asmean waejthas dyeder ya jall’ai

doddur tsaam maedrai maeldai saet

Talakh goam rogan, be jigar talai

Be balai chaan’ai deedaar saet

I, a flying bird was; you, a walker made me crawl

Got rotten with sweetness of thy love

I lost everything, only my heart is yet to be lost now.

Only thy sight is my cure now.

Neel farosh darr hazratbal’ai

Bar takht shubaan soan sardaar

Khaak mal roi’yas aam khaas talai

Be balai chaan’ai deedaar saet

Sapphire seller at Hazratbal

Our master, adorned on the throne

Rub your face in dust, for commoners are the actual nobels there

Only thy sight is my cure now.

Yaar be waesthei ath khorr chali

Chalith karhai salaamah

Sar trov nyaam’an chaani bar’talai

Be balai chaan’ai deedaar saet

Come beloved so I’ll wash your feet

And send salutations upon you after that

Nyaam has put his head on your doorstep.

Only your sight is my cure now.


Cheerith be haave yas dil

This is a famous poem of Bashir Dada. In this poem, the central theme revolves around the wishes of a lover. This is my interpretation of the verses, your interpretation might be different. Errors and omissions regretted.

Cheerith be haave yas dil, mye gasum su yaar aasun ~

Jaam’an be chaak dimeha goas raaze daar aasun

I wish to show scars of my heart to someone, if only I’ve such beloved?

I’d tear apart my robes, if only he be my confidant? 

Naal’as be chooni jareha, tschaayan be rang bareha~

Namme’nei be khoon mal’eha gosum aekhtiyaar aasun

I’d decorate the robes, I’d colour the shadows
I’d dye nails with my blood, if only I have any authority over myself

Bozum byemaar ketyah tsei nish yiwaan ilaaj’as~

Be te roi choan wecheha, be gasus byemaar aasun


I’ve heard, so many patients visit you for cure

I just wish to see you, if only I too was ailing

Baagah dil’uk sajaevith tsol baagwaan rooshit~

Ade phael gulaab kaetyah, ya goas shumaar aasun

The Gardner of the garden of my heart left midway after decorating it

Those florets that couldn’t bloom, if only there was an estimate.

Basaan mye chum marr’e ma, bass chum akh tamanah~

Waaih! Chaani braand’e kanni tael gase mye mazaar aasun

I fear, I might die, now I only have this wish-

If only your stepping stone becomes my tombstone.

Praanyan Basheer kare kyah goas nov zakhm aasun~
Yodvai tse teer laayakh, be gasus shikaar aasun

What’s the worth of these old scars, they should be fresh

Would you shoot an arrow, if only I was the target

Lalwun Naar

This happens to be one of the most popular poems of Rasul Mir- Keats of Kashmir. The theme of this poem revolves around the helplessness of a person- in pursuit of love and then after finally meeting the beloved. Some of the famous verses of the poem are as under.

 Again, this is my interpretation of the poem. It may vary from yours. Errors and omissions regretted.

 Gaste wesiyay, Laal chum dooray

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

Dearest friend, you go and lookout for my beloved,

For my saplings have an inferno to bear.

*(Moor- sapling of a plant, that’s too feeble to stand on its own weight)
*(LalwunTo rock something as in a cradle )

Domb’e daadai traayem cheerai

Dash mye ganjmai aastaan’an

Yas ne dai dei tas Kate pooray

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

I even looked at tarots for motherhood

Tied sacred threads in shrines

If lord doesn’t provide you, you’re no good

For my saplings have an inferno to bear

*(Domb’e daadai-  condition of a hopeful mother who’s unable to conceive )

*(Cheere- To cast a lot )

Garre draayas gare’kyan tsooray

Neel naag’ai loosum doh

Raat lajemo raah musaafooray

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

Out of my home I sneaked 

Alas! It was nightfall just at NeelNaag

All night like a wayfarer, I roamed

For my saplings have an inferno to bear

Maaje raechnas khon’ne mastoorai

Aame doad’e seat navnaevnam tann

Sui paan logum metche mozoorai

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

Mother held me with love sweetest

Best of nourishment did my body get

That same body now toils in dust

For my saplings have an inferno to bear

*(Aam’e doad- fresh milk rich in nutrients, that was a luxury for many during old times )

Hash’e laeinam zaevij mooray

Pootche tsotnam paekh anzul

Gaseha maalyun su te chum dooray

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

Mother-in-law beat me with whips

Tore apart the border of my veil

Would’ve ran back home, but far away it is

For my saplings have an inferno to bear

*(Zaevij Moor- thin stick that makes a whip sound when swung )

*(Pootch- headscarf )

*(Paekh anzul- used to be special brocade over the headscarf )

Aes kokil’ah maedaan dooray 

Sua che paraan Allah’hu

Sua che laejmech waalwaash’i dooray

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

A bird in some far away forest

Is reciting Allah’hu

She’s away, in a trap caught

For my saplings have an inferno to bear

*(Waalwaash- A luring trap used by hunters )

Ye Chu Rasul Mir Shahbahdooray 

Tem Chu trovmut aeshq’un dukaan

Yeevu aashiqo, cheyiv toori tooray

Mye Chu mooray lalwun naar

There’s Rasool Mir at Shahabaadoor

He has opened the tavern of love

Lovers go thee and drink cups full

For my saplings have an inferno to bear

Haa jaani’azeezo 

This poem has been composed by Waaze Mahmoud. And in this poem, the basic theme revolves around the vagaries of life and how dear we hold our life. Following is my interpretation and understanding of the poem. Do correct me where I’m wrong. Errors and omissions regretted.

 Haa jaani’azeezo, wala goor karayo~

Matt’e laal jaraeyo, wala goor karayo

O’ dear self, let me sing you a lullaby.
Let me adorn you with pearls, let me sing you a lullaby

Panen’yav te parayav, dost’av te rafeeq’av
Banne’nas te gyool hamo, wala goor karayo

Knowns and unknowns, friends and dearest of them

All mocked at my misery, let me sing you a lullaby

Tharr’i hind gulabo, kath waari pholhamo
Meshq chaanay balayo, wala goor karayo

Rose of my garden, where did you bloom? ~
My elixir is your fragrance only, let me sing you a lullaby.

Daryav ye aeshq’un aab, saer paeth mye gov saelaab ~

Kamm’e taar’e taraeyo, wala goor karayo

This River of thy love, drowned me in its flood.

I don’t know any passage for crossing, Let me sing you a lullaby

Hakeemo waare wechtam

The name of the poet is mentioned in the poem as Ahmed (pen-name). I am not sure who exactly it is. If you know, please let me know in the comments. Errors and omissions regretted.

Hakeemo waare wechtam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham? ~

Dawa dimm kyah gasi kam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


O’ healer, treat me properly, why this pain if I have no malady?

Prescribe something to me, as may like thee, why this pain if I have no malady?


Tse yikhna soan saal’ai, karai zuv jaan hawaalai ~

Bara’y Gaye zulf-e-kham, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


Won’t you attend my function where I’ll handover my life to you?

My tresses have lost their knots, why this pain if I have no malady?


Be dimiha chaak jaam’an, be khotchaan lukk’e paam’an ~

Sanyomut chum yuhai gham, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


I’d tear my robe apart had I no fear of being slandered

This melancholia is eating me up, why this pain if I have no malady?


Mye gaerr jaame zareenik, andir gamit mye Chem ael ~

Banyam kar aab-e-zam zam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


I wear robes of glittering gold, though inside I’m rotten old

When will I receive my share of Zamm Zamm, why this pain if I have no malady?


Syetha Chem aash Chaenei, wandai gaash daael daali ~

Yitamo roi haavtam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


I’m pinning a lot of hopes on you, may you always bath in gilding light

Please come, show me thy illuminating face, why this pain if I have no malady?


• Hai tere zulm ka shahid wo aasmaan abhi
~~ Yaad hai zameen ko meri daastaan abhi

[shahid : witness]

• Uski ruswaayi ka gham hai sata raha warna
~~ Kaati nahi hai usne meri zubaan abhi

• Aksar duaon main humko kiya karte thay yaad woh
~~ yun bicchadne ka na tha unko, na humko gumaan abhi

• Masjid ko jaate jaate unke kooche se hua guzar
~~ Mullah-o-butt ki yaari hai wahaan abhi

• Us qaatil ka ye kehna mashoor hai waaiz
~~ “kaafir ko ishaaron main kardoon musalmaan abhi”

• Usko ye khauf, ki gumrah hain gareeb
~~ Qasa liye hai darr pe mere, sultaan abhi

[Qasa : Begging bowl]

• Usko hai zidd ki wo phool ho sirf mere chaman ka
~~ Par kaantoon se bhara hai mera gulistaan abhi

Gowhar kehna ussey ki hogi mulaqaat aksar
~~ Chodda hai uska koocha na chodda jahaan abhi


•Hai zameen se riss raha, na jaane ye khoon kis ka?
Majnoon ne kaha mujhse, “Aisa hai junoon kis ka”?

•Wafa se pehlay hi, jo hum bewafa ho chalay
Sikhlaaya aashiqui ne hai ye fanoon kis ka?

[Fanoon = talent]

•Sab parinday to laut aaye hain apney ghar ko
Phir kyun ho roo rahe, intezaar hai guloon kis ka?

[guloon =flowers]

•Huay ab jo mashriq main bhi, hum log sharmsaar
Magrib se sadaa aayi, “nimaz hai satoon kis ka”?

[satoon= pillar/obligatory; which contains the solutions]

•Mera qaatil hai aa raha, main hun ye sochta
Khanjar-o-ada main se uske, bharam rakhoon kis ka?

•Wisaal-e-shab main, apna saaya bhi nazar na aaya
Ab tu hi bata de Gowhar, main yaqeen karoon kis ka?