Cheerith be haave yas dil

This is a famous poem of Bashir Dada. In this poem, the central theme revolves around the wishes of a lover. This is my interpretation of the verses, your interpretation might be different. Errors and omissions regretted.

Cheerith be haave yas dil, mye gasum su yaar aasun ~

Jaam’an be chaak dimeha goas raaze daar aasun

I wish to show scars of my heart to someone, if only I’ve such beloved?

I’d tear apart my robes, if only he be my confidant? 

Naal’as be chooni jareha, tschaayan be rang bareha~

Namme’nei be khoon mal’eha gosum aekhtiyaar aasun

I’d decorate the robes, I’d colour the shadows
I’d dye nails with my blood, if only I have any authority over myself

Bozum byemaar ketyah tsei nish yiwaan ilaaj’as~

Be te roi choan wecheha, be gasus byemaar aasun


I’ve heard, so many patients visit you for cure

I just wish to see you, if only I too was ailing

Baagah dil’uk sajaevith tsol baagwaan rooshit~

Ade phael gulaab kaetyah, ya goas shumaar aasun

The Gardner of the garden of my heart left midway after decorating it

Those florets that couldn’t bloom, if only there was an estimate.

Basaan mye chum marr’e ma, bass chum akh tamanah~

Waaih! Chaani braand’e kanni tael gase mye mazaar aasun

I fear, I might die, now I only have this wish-

If only your stepping stone becomes my tombstone.

Praanyan Basheer kare kyah goas nov zakhm aasun~
Yodvai tse teer laayakh, be gasus shikaar aasun

What’s the worth of these old scars, they should be fresh

Would you shoot an arrow, if only I was the target


Hakeemo waare wechtam

The name of the poet is mentioned in the poem as Ahmed (pen-name). I am not sure who exactly it is. If you know, please let me know in the comments. Errors and omissions regretted.

Hakeemo waare wechtam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham? ~

Dawa dimm kyah gasi kam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


O’ healer, treat me properly, why this pain if I have no malady?

Prescribe something to me, as may like thee, why this pain if I have no malady?


Tse yikhna soan saal’ai, karai zuv jaan hawaalai ~

Bara’y Gaye zulf-e-kham, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


Won’t you attend my function where I’ll handover my life to you?

My tresses have lost their knots, why this pain if I have no malady?


Be dimiha chaak jaam’an, be khotchaan lukk’e paam’an ~

Sanyomut chum yuhai gham, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


I’d tear my robe apart had I no fear of being slandered

This melancholia is eating me up, why this pain if I have no malady?


Mye gaerr jaame zareenik, andir gamit mye Chem ael ~

Banyam kar aab-e-zam zam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


I wear robes of glittering gold, though inside I’m rotten old

When will I receive my share of Zamm Zamm, why this pain if I have no malady?


Syetha Chem aash Chaenei, wandai gaash daael daali ~

Yitamo roi haavtam, doad nai dagg kamich Cham?


I’m pinning a lot of hopes on you, may you always bath in gilding light

Please come, show me thy illuminating face, why this pain if I have no malady?