Once a traveler was passing through the city of Madina, he was intending to sell off his horse so as to have some money for further travels. It was quite early, the market was empty but he saw a buyer approaching him in the market. The buyer turned out to be our Prophet (saww). Deal was done and Prophet (saww) went to his home to fetch the money. Meanwhile, someone approached that traveler asking him for the price of his horse. The traveler said that he had already sold it to the Prophet (saww), the new buyer promised to pay more than what he has already sold it for. Since there weren’t many people around to witness the deal of the Prophet (saww), the traveler refused to acknowledge any deal with the Prophet (saww) upon Prophet’s arrival with the money.

Time was passing by and the market was getting started with more and more people joining in, many of whom started to take interest in what was happening with the horse deal. As it was decided, Prophet (saww) was asked to bring forth a witness or leave the deal. Since there was no one present at the time of the deal, Prophet (saww) had decided to leave the deal as such.

Suddenly, someone claimed that he had witness the deal taking place and favored the Prophet’s version of the events. Upon the completion of the deal, Prophet asked that witness, how was it that you claimed to be the witness despite you not being present at the scene and seeing it all? The witness replied, Ya Rasoolallah (saww), this was just a matter of a horse deal, you said that there is a God called Allah, when I trusted you over that I can trust you over this as well!



One of the best stories and the most inspiring one, in various aspects, has to be the story of Hazrat Musa’s (as) meeting with Hazrat Khazir (as), I’ve written the prelude to the meeting mentioned in quran Here. Today  I wish to talk about the meeting and what transpired in it. To be exact I want to highlight the events after the 2nd incident of their meeting. This story finds mention in Surah Kahf. Firstly, Hazrat Khazir (as) damaged a boat then he killed a child and lastly he repaired a wall without any remuneration.

At the very beginning of the story, Hazrat Khazir (as) warns Hazrat Musa (as) that he (Musa) cannot be patient with him but Hazrat Musa (as) assured him that he (Musa) will not disappoint him as far as patience was considered. Hazrat Khazir (as) very well knew about the nature of Hazrat Musa (as), which was of the impulsive, inquisitor type hence he put the warning upfront. The very reason this meeting was taking place was because of that nature. So after Hazrat Musa (as) saw the boat being damaged, he questioned the act of Hazrat Khazir (as) who reminded him of his promise of being patient in the entire journey; to this Hazrat Musa (as) replied that he’ll be careful the next time. Please note that Hazrat Khazir (as) did not want any assurance from Hazrat Musa (as) but the latter provided it anyhow.

Now after Hazrat Musa (as) saw a child being killed he was greatly surprised and questioned the veracity of this act whereupon Hazrat Khazir (as) again reminded him of his promise to which Hazrat Musa (as) again replied, without being asked or expected to reply, that if he says anything after this point the meeting should be considered over. This reply of Hazrat Musa (as) is considered by many scholars to be uncalled for, even our beloved Prophet (saww) wished that Musa (as) had remained quite so that the meeting could have been extended further but as we know, the meeting ended immediately after the third incident and excuse on the behalf of Hazrat Khazir (as) to part ways was Hazrat Musa’s (as) reply after the second incident. Though it is never mentioned explicitly, scholars suggest it to be the implicit reason and the fact that Hazrat Musa(as) complied to partition after going through all the struggle for this meeting alone is a clear indication of it being the implicit reason.


Silence at that time could have benefited a Prophet who had the Lord’s machinery, by the grace of the Lord himself, at his command; imagine what fruits that silence will bear for us! As Rumi said; Silence is the language of God, rest is just poor translation. Silence is golden, we have history full of wise men and women emphasizing on the importance of silence. Hazrat Umar (ra) used to say; my silence has never hurt me, it’s always my speech. God created us with just one tongue but two ears, that must be His way of saying talk less and listen more.


In today’s modern world where information is being bombarded at us from all sorts of nooks and corners of the digital alley, we are surrounded by cacophony instead of meaningful dialogue. Our work, our relationships, our life would have been much better if we had not spoken at ‘that’ moment. Silence was all that was needed of us but we failed to control our tongue. Hazrat Luqmaan (as) when asked to prepare the delicacy out of the best part of lamb brought forward the dish prepared from the tongue of the lamb and next time when asked to prepare a delicacy out of the worst part of the lamb, he again prepared dish from the tongue; when he was asked about it he said that the tongue if used properly is sweeter than honey and if used unwisely it is bitter than  poison! If only we can understand the importance of silence the world will become a better place. Nature is best experienced when we stop talking.

I’m dissuading speech except when it is better than silence. It’s an irony of our times that when we need to speak up we remain silent and when we need to remain silent, there’s not a word in the dictionary that didn’t find mention in our speech. Speak in favor of oppressed, downtrodden, weak, marginalized; speak up your ideas; speak up against tyrants, fascists but remain quite when your spouse is throwing a tantrum at you, wait for temperatures to cool down and then put forward your point; be silent when your parents yell at you, they never wanted to yell at their beloved in the first place; be silent when a fool wants to argue with you; be silent when your speech will only hurt someone.

Be silent if you want to listen to yourself!


During the period of Hazrat Basri r.a a rich person died leaving behind a large fortune to his only son. His son, who inherited the fortune, used the money for all sorts of illicit activities. All his life his mother implored him to attend the lectures of Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may return to the right path but he never heeded to her calls. After spending all of his life going against the will of Allah, he health deteriorated due to his habits. Bedridden during the fag end of his life, his mother still wanted him to visit Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may have a change of heart though at the end. The son constantly kept refusing to acknowledge his mother’s wish.

When he felt the death looming over him, he asked his mother to take him to Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a so that he may repent for his sins- he had never prayed in his life, didn’t know any Aayah, Dua that he may recite while asking for forgiveness but at this point he was too weak to get out of the bed. His mother ran to Hazrat Hassan Basri r.a and asked Hazrat to visit her son and help him to perform Taubah. At that point of time, Hazrat was teaching his students and felt it implausible to leave the class for a personal visit, so he turned the mother away. She returned back without Hassan Basri r.a and narrated her ordeal and helplessness to her son.

This had a deep impact on his heart, he now turned towards Allah and said, “Ya Allah, you are aware that I want to repent but I don’t know how to. I even asked Hassan Basri r.a to come and teach me how to but he refused to come. You can forgive me whether I know how to repent or not, whether Hassan Basri r.a is present or not. I am coming to you without any good deed, without any Salah in my name, you can forgive me. Please forgive me.”

He felt the time to be near and made a will. He asked his mother to bury him at any other place except the muslim graveyard as he feared that with the amount of the sins he has committed, the graves that would be beside him would also get punished! Further he asked his mother to tie a rope around his neck, after his death, and drag him through the town like a dog so that all of his companions who used to participate in those illicit activities with him might know what they were staring at and hopefully have a change of heart. Finally, his mother again went to Hassan Basri r.a, who had just finished the class. She asked Hazrat to lead the Jinazah of her son. Hassan Basri, against his nature, became very angry and asked the mother to return for he was not going to lead the Jinazah of a person who has never prayed a single prayer in his life.

The mother returned back, hopeless and asked the neighbours to perform the final rites as per the will and as per the norm. Soon they heard a knock at the door and when enquired who it was, the reply was, “I am Hassan (Basri)”.  The mother was surprised to see the same person at door who moments before turned her request to lead the Jinazah of her son away. When she asked about the change of thought, Hassan Basri replied, “After finishing the class I slept for a while. I had a dream where somebody told me, “Hassan, did you just refuse to lead the Jinazah of a Wali? Are you willing to lose all of your Ilm because of your ego?”  Just then I woke up and headed here.”


Once Prophet Muhammad pbuh was going to some place. On his way he found a boy, Umair, Hazrat Anas ra’s younger brother looking upset. Prophet Muhammad pbuh went to this little boy and asked about his problem. Somebody there told Prophet pbuh that Umair’s pet bird had died. The Prophet pbuh postponed his work and sat with the boy, for a long time, consoling the boy over the death of his bird!

This was the compassion of our beloved Prophet pbuh, who felt sad over the death of Umair’s bird and then there are people who claim to be His Ummah but go on butchering small children in the name of the God of Muhammad pbuh.

All For Knowledge

Once Hazrat Musa a.s asked Allah, “Is there anyone more knowledgeable than me?” To Hazrat Musa a.s’ surprise, Allah said, “Yes!”
Hazrat Musa a.s inquired about the person and came to know that his name is ‘Khazir’. Hazrat Musa a.s asked Allah to let Hazrat Khazir be his teacher so that he (Hazrat Musa a.s) might gain some knowledge. Allah permitted him, and told him to take a fried fish along with him and travel by a boat to some place. The place where this fish would comeback to life, would be the place where Hazrat Khazir can be found.

So as it happened, Hazrat Musa a.s setout in a boat along with a subordinate. After travelling for a while Hazrat Musa a.s asked his subordinate to remind him the place where this fish would resurrect. Hazrat Musa a.s felt asleep and after moving for a day or so, they reached a place where this fish jumped into the water. This subordinate had decided to let Hazrat Musa a.s know but seeing him in a state of rest, he thought to tell it afterwards.

After travelling further, they reached to some place and decided to anchor the boat. Hazrat Musa a.s got off the boat and started to explore the place. Both of them were hungry and decided to eat the fish they were carrying, soon it dawned upon them that the fish was meant to be a compass rather than the food.

So, Hazrat Musa a.s asked his subordinate to bring that fish.

Subordinate: “Master, the fish got resurrected and went into the water.”

Hazrat Musa a.s: “Then, why didn’t you inform me?”

Sub: “I decided to inform you after you had rested but Shaitan made me forget.”

Irked by such response, Hazrat Musa a.s decided to traceback their footsteps to the place his subordinate mentioned. They decided to move along the shore as mentioned by the subordinate. After traveling for some more distance on foot, they saw a man sleeping under a tree.

Both of them were hungry and tired, and hoped to get some food from this man. At this point, the subordinate recollected that this is the same place where the fish had resurrected. He soon informed Hazrat Musa a.s who now approached this man and said, “Asalamualaikum”
Hazrat Khazir with his arm over his face replied, “What do you want?!”

Hazrat Musa a.s expected to hear more soft and peaceful words in return but since this man was to be his teacher he explained his visit.

Hazrat Khazir, in a harsh tone, replied, “Yes, I know who you’re and what business you’ve here but why are you late?”

Despite being a short tempered person, hungry for whole day while traveling, and the prophet of his time; Hazrat Musa a.s asked for forgiveness from his teacher and Fan’talaqaa” (Both of them decided to move forward).

Rest is mentioned in Quran, Surah Kahf.

Royal debt

When Hazrat Yousuf a.s was appointed by the king to distribute the grains among his people during the time of 7 year draught, a young boy came to him for the grains. After getting the grains from the workers, this boy asked for more so the workers gave him more according to his request. Despite receiving much more amount of grains than he deserved, this boy kept asking for more. The workers led him to their supervisor and at last he was taken to Hazrat Yousuf a.s himself.

Hazrat Yousuf a.s asked him about his query, and at last gave him a sack of grains.

The boy replied, “If I tell you who I am, you will give me much more than a few bags of grains.”

Surprised, Hazrat Yousuf a.s asked, “Who are you?”

The boy replied, “I’m that same boy whose hypothesis acquitted you of the charges levied against you by Zulailkha.” Hearing this Hazrat Yousuf a.s embraced that boy, welcomed him as his guest, made him to stay at his palace; and after few days of royal treatment, he returned with a ‘caravan’ of grains back to his place.

When kings are indebted, they pay you with more than you expect. Imagine, how Allah will pay to those whom he says, He is indebted to!

Repent, it’s never too late

In Bani Israel, there lived a man named Kif’l. Kif’l was one of the richest and licentious people of Bani Israel,full of carnal desires. And these desires used to make him sought new preys every night. It’s said that he used to pay 60 dinars every night for a virgin! 60 dinars of that time are roughly more than $1million of this era! $1 million every night just to satisfy his lust!

As it happened, one night, while going to his room to commit adultery, the girl who had been purchased was crying. Kif’l asked her, “Why are you crying? I didn’t bring you here against your will.” The girl replied, “I’m not into this profession, would never have been, had it not been the pangs of Hunger that drove me here” Kif’l was shocked, the guy was alien to the word ‘Hunger’. “I’m an orphan” she continued, “I have an old mother and young siblings to take care of. After my father’s death we have lived in penury. Nobody ever cared to lend a helping hand, there is no income, we are starving, I had to do this to prevent us dying of hunger”. After listening to her Kif’l had tears in his eyes and said to her, “Sister, take this money, take care of your family, leave as you came. May Allah be merciful at your tears and forgive me. Sister, pray for my forgiveness.” Kif’l didn’t know what would happen to him the very next moment. Before the girl reached her home, Kif’l had already died.

Nobody prepared for his funeral because of his promiscuous nature. He was literally left to rot. BUT, next morning his door had a writing in noor ‘Indeed WE have forgiven Kif’l of his all past sins!!!’

The main lesson to learn from this anecdote is that ‘it’s never too late to repent’ and another important lesson is that if we as Muslims would take care of our less privileged brothers and sisters, no girl would be pushed to turn to Kif’l!

Islamic anedotes

Once Haroon Rashid and his wife Zubaida khatoon together,  went out for a walk. They were walking along the river bank. Haroon Rashid found Hazrat Behlol Dana ra making some sandcastles. Haroon Rashid found it amusing and decided to ask him.

Haroon: Behloul! What are you making?

Behloul: I’m making sandcastles.

Haroon: Why are you making them?

Behloul: Whosoever buys them, I will pray that, Allah grants them a house in jannah.

Haroon: And what’s the price?

Behloul: 1 Dinar!

Haroon Rashid knew about the nature of Behloud and thought that it was another sort of hallucination or a child’s play that was going on there. So he continued his stroll.

After sometime Zubaida khatoon walked past Behloul.

She: what are you doing Behloud?

Behloul: I’m making sandcastles.

She: Why are you making them?

Behloul: Whosoever buys them, I will pray that, Allah grants them a house in jannah.

She: And what’s the price?

Behloul: 1 Dinar!

She: Take one dinar, I’m buying one.

That night Haroon Rashid had a dream .He was in jannah and saw a beautiful palace there. Whole of the palace was carved out of a diamond, it had the plaster of musk. He went close to the palace and found his wife’s name on the nameplate. He desired to go in but was stopped by an angel.

Haroon: why are you stopping me?

Angel: Are you Zubaida khatoon?

Haroon: No!
Angel: we have a rule here ‘the person who owns the palace enters the palace!’

Haroon woke up and recollected his mistake.

Next morning he went out in search of the Behloul, hoping that today also he will be building those castles.

To his merriment, Behloul was doing the same. Haroon went to him sure of the fact that today he will seal a great deal.

Haroon: What are you doing?

Behloul: I’m making sandcastles.

Haroon: Why are you making them?

Behloul: Whosoever buys them, I will pray that, Allah grants them a house in jannah.

Haroon: And what’s the price?

Behloul: Whole Earth as my kingdom.

Haroon: Yesterday it was 1 Dinar and today it’s the whole Earth as your kingdom!?

Behloul: yesterday you were playing blind but today you’re all aware!

This is the condition of this world and the hereafter. At the time of death everyone is shown the heaven and the hell, even Firaon said ” I believe in the Lord of Haroon and Musa a.s” at his deathbed!